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Simone Marini

Founder, CEO

Simone Marini

After a 15-year-navigation through the waters of Information Technology, Simone eventually manages to escape and drop the anchor at sailsquare. ...more

His dream is to move sailsquare headquarters where he can constantly admire the sea. He loves to sail fast cruisers and enjoys long nocturnal journeys, when there's new moon, under a blanket of stars.

Favourite sailing areas
His beloved landing spots are the small and charming harbours of the Cyclades and the Balearic Islands, especially where inlets are hidden among impressive limestone rocks. ...less

Riccardo Boatti

Founder, CMO

Riccardo Boatti

Riccardo is an expert in online communications and worked for 15 years in new media agencies as a team leader and account manager. ...more

Even as a small boy he loved boats more than football. Now that he’s turning forty, he jumps aboard sailsquare with Simone, believing that the Internet and social networks can change the way to organise sailing holidays.

Favourite sailing areas
He is bewitched by Greece and Corse, but his dream is to travel the world by boat ... possibly with an internet connection. ...less

Marco Viganò


Marco Viganò

Marco began organising sailing holidays during university and he hasn’t stopped since. In 2003 he founded the sports association forSailing, which soon became the benchmark in the world of sailing schools in Italy. ...more

After a few beers with Simone and Riccardo, he sensed the possibility for sailsquare to enter and shake up the nautical tourism market, and decided to join the crew.

Favourite sailing areas
Despite having a soft spot for the Cyclades Islands, he loves any area, especially those still to discover. Actually, more than discovering new places, he loves to meet new people and show them what the sea's taught him over time. ...less

Alessandro Zanchetton

Head of Operations

Alessandro Zanchetton

After his MBA, Alessandro has been in charge of Business Development in a wide range of industries, from oil to telephony and finally to online fashion. ...more

Around his 30 he understands that his love for the sailboat couldn’t be put aside: after joining enthusiastically sailsquare, now he cannot help talking about it anytime. He loves to master fast cruisers through long journeys.

Favourite sailing areas
Raised in the Adriatic area, he loves Croatia but his dream is going around the world with a sailboat. In general, he navigates wherever is possible to get together with few friends and some beers. ...less

Marcello Demurtas

Creative/UX director

Marcello Demurtas

Marcello has almost ten years experience in advertising and online communication agencies, where he managed online and offline creativity for both national and international clients. ...more

In February 2014 he finally accepts sailsquare's offer and leaves the world of agencies, to devote full time to sailsquare project.

Favourite sailing areas
As a perfect Sardinian, he's especially at ease in cold climates. Even though he adores the placid waters of the Scandinavian and Greenland's fjords, he can't resist the charm of the small harbours of his homeland. ...less

Francesca Ellisse

Marketing Manager

Claudia Rosso

Francesca meets Sailsquare in 2015, at the age of 30, and she eventually fulfils her dream to match her working skills to her passion for sailing holidays after several experiences in the field of advertisement, marketing and event management among London, Sydney and Milan. ...more

Her passion for sailing was born at Centro Velico Caprera's school where she realized that watching a sunset while you haul down the sails is the best way to end her day.

Favourite sailing areas
Sardinia, Sardinia, Sardinia! Not the one known for clubs but the one you see from the sea, with its crystal-clear water and white rocks, the one with breathtaking sunsets and the smell (and taste) of Mirto. ...less

Francesco Laffi

Lead Developer

Francesco Laffi

Francesco isn’t able to sit still: he loves riding his motorbike, organizing BBQs, and has great interest for sci-fi, photography and technology. Among these interest, he has an ancestral one coming from the sea: when he was a young boy he attended sailing classes and after obtaining his nautical license on his first year of university, he sets sail with some friends towards the Mediterranean sea, and not only there. ...more

Finally he joins sailsquare in 2016, after years as digital nomad in Italy and abroad, gaining experience in IT consulting, web applications and start up companies.

Favourite sailing areas
He’s intrigued by the myriads of islands situated in Greece and Croatia, but also by very far destinations… that is to say, wherever the wind brings him. ...less

Marina Dos Santos

Administration & HR

Marina Dos Santos

You can guess Marina is from Brazil just looking at her smile. She joined Sailsquare crew in November 2015 to support administration and HR activities: she is recognized for her organizational and accounting skills, gained in a 3-year- experience as accountant....more

Her first name means "from the sea" so she seems to be in the right place at the right time.
She is a newbie of sailing but she gets on board anytime she has the chance: she loves to stay aboard to feel the wind in her hair and the salty smell of the sea.

Favourite sailing areas
She loves the charm of the south of Italy, especially Sicily and Sardinia, but her roots are based across the ocean: her dream is sailing around South America with her family on board. ...less

Giulia Ferrazzo

Customer Care Specialist

Giulia Ferrazzo

Right after a Foreign Language and Media Communication degree, in 2016 Giulia arrives at Sailsquare port for a fixed-term experience first, which becomes a long-lasting relationship after a few months. Feeling happy and safe in this new port, she never stops speaking of Sailsquare with her friends....more

Tv series and travels lover, she spends her spare time watching movies at cinemas and dreaming of new adventures, planning the perfect trip in order to jump on a plane as soon as possible.

Aree di navigazione
Sailing newbie but also fascinated by her colleagues’ experiences, she really can’t wait to set sails for her first sailing adventure! ...less

Alessandra De Piccoli

Junior Operations Manager

Alessia De Piccoli

After obtaining a Linguistic Expert in Enterprise degree, Alessandra landed at Sailsquare deciding to throw her compass away and be inspired by her instinct: this happened as soon as she walked through Sailsquare doors and breathed in fresh air in her lungs. ...more

Street art lover and hearty eater since she had a fork in her hand, she believes in little things and laughing hard. Lately she got the habit to leave the old habits, that's why she's counting down the days to have her first sailboat experience.

Aree di navigazione
Since she was little, Alessandra breathed in the air of Elban and Greek seas, places that she is always enthusiast to see again. However, her current dream is to meet the seas and colours of South Italy, since they always fascinated her more than any other place in the world. ...less

Advisory Board

Lodovico Artoni

head legal @ RDR&Associati

Lodovico Artoni

Lodovico has worked in both Italy and abroad for several international law firms, gaining extensive experience in all aspects of corporate law (M&A, joint ventures, financing, listing, etc.)...more

He immediately developed a passion for sailsquare due to its international nature and has promised to take it onto the stock market.

Favourite sailing areas
He loves long journeys, provided that on arrival he finds a good martini cocktail and a shelter, nicely protected from the wind, where he can immerse himself in his favourite reading material...less


Startup Advisor

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She has founded one or more successful startups and has strong connections with the startup ecosystem, especially abroad, particularly in the UK and Germany. ...more

She is an investor and/or advisor of other initiatives, particularly in the world of the sharing economy and collaborative consumption, and of course, from time to time, she zigzag across the waves on a sailboat.

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Francesco Padovan

Skipper - Milan

Francesco Padovan - Sailsquare Ambassador

You can describe Frankie with some simple words: a passionate skipper, a big smile on the face, witty and full of energy. He loves to travel in any possible way: on foot to explore hidden treasures, by bicycle for short trips, by car to feel the power of speed, by plane for long distances and by sailing boat… well, for all the reasons above!

He meets Sailsquare years ago, after learning the basics on sailing and deciding after some engaging trips to obtain the nautical license. He really appreciates solitude and privacy, but at the same time he cannot stay without good vibes and lot of noise. His trademark? An air of mystery behind him, just like a respectful sea man.

Varki Pagan

Skipper - Trieste

Adelaide - Sailsquare Ambassador

Varki loves sailing in all its shapes: sailing alone to relax for a while, sailing in a flotilla to have fun. He loves to meet new people on a trip because he thinks a travel is first of all among humans.

Thanks to sailsquare and its flotillas he found a perfect balance between relaxation and wild parties all night. Celebrations usually don’t stop at the end of a holiday, as he tries his best to keep contact with sailsquare crews. Come ashore and join him for a Prosecco!

Federica Premoli

Sailor - Milan

Alessio - Sailsquare Ambassador

Federica is a sunny and straightforward girl who’s travelled the world since she has memory, even though she could give her body and soul to Milan. She’s addicted to reading and music, besides relaxation holidays as well as flotillas.

She gets to know sailsquare in 2015 and now she cannot stay away from it: each holiday is a chance to get onboard and meet new people, whatever the season.

Luca Scuffi Abati

Armatore - Florence

Luca - Sailsquare Skipper

Luca is a typical man from Tuscany, bighearted and always ready to joke. Inside the community, everybody calls him Gentle Giant.

He navigates among Elba Island, Corsica and Sardinia with his beloved Selenia, making tours for families with children as well as young people. He’s one of the first skippers to have published experiences on sailsquare and navigates reminding the motto “my boat is your boat”.

Valentina Re

Sailor - Milan

Valentina - Sailsquare Ambassador

Green eyes, bright smile and a lively personality. Three features to describe Valentina, an unstoppable traveler who knows how to relish every single aspect of sealife, sailing and nature. Onboard, she convinces everybody to have party with her limitless energy.

She joins sailsquare in summer 2014 and since then she always brings new friends onboard.

Martina Vanzin

Sailor - Milan

Martina - Sailsquare Ambassador

Martina lives in Milan, but she flees to the sea every time she can, being it the source of energy for her. Besides, when she gets to know the world of sailing, the call of the sea becomes a curse.

Three things she can’t live without: being in contact with nature, making new friends and travel without borders: good news is that she gets it all when traveling with sailsquare.

Francesca Olivotti

Sailor - Milan

Francesca - Sailsquare Ambassador

On holiday, some people hate to have salt on their body or to deal with a mischevious wind. Francesca is quite the opposite: she would sell her soul to the devil to enjoy these sensations everyday. Her first sailsquare holiday dates back to 2014 and since then she’s come back to the sea at least 4 times a year, always gaining suntan and much envy by her friends.

In fact, they call her Sea Stalker, as she cannot keep her mouth shut when it comes to sailsquare holidays!

Dario Dellisanti

Sailor - London

Dario - Sailsquare Ambassador

Born in Bari, Dario is pushed forward by an intense calling for travelling and the sea since ever, leading him up to UK. In 2015 he finally gets onboard with Sailsquare and his relentless travel is over.

He learns to sail in London and since then he hops between the Ocean and the Med. His dream is making a sailing world tour, in the meantime he trains by preparing Spritz cocktails for his crew. What does he miss the most when he’s not on board? Anything, starting from the wake-up dip, to starry skies and dinners overlooking the open sea.

Vincenzo Lopreiato

Sailor - Milan

Vincenzo - Sailsquare Ambassador

Organizing personality and social media addicted, Vincenzo meets sailing by chance, thanks to his uncontrollable curiosity. In spite of moving from his peaceful Calabria to a frantic Milan, he doesn’t forget to practise his favourite sports or visit his friends around the world.

He starts his relationship with sailsquare after joining a flotilla, the best idea for him to have fun: the more we are, the more we laugh!

Lorenzo Busca

Sailor - Milan

Lorenzo - Sailsquare Ambassador

Lorenzo’s backpack goes anywhere, strolling in museums or in the mountains; sailsquare has proudly taken credit for introducing it to the sea. His owner was born in Marche, then moved to Tuscany and finally settled in Lombardy three years ago, where he learnt to get used to city life in spite of being far from the sea.

Lorenzo loves sports and life outdoors, he is a reflective guy and reading addict who has the urge to share with others what he really believes in.

Adelaide Grilli Cicilioni

Sailor - Florence

Adelaide - Sailsquare Ambassador

Hosted by Tuscany, Adelaide loves ridesharing and everytime she does it, she takes her camera to “capture the moments she’s just lived”. She joins sailsquare thanks to #blablasail experience and falls in love with it.

Even though she was born in Umbria, a region without sea, she was raised with the motto: “the sea will ease the pain”. This is something that she always bears in mind and that made her able to live her passion in all seasons.

Alessio Baiocchi

Sailor - Ancona

Alessio - Sailsquare Ambassador

His destiny was written in the waves: he was born in a family of fishermen just a few steps from the sea, and his first real marine experience was at the age of 3 when his grandpa took him fishing at dawn.

Turning 14, he builds with friends a mini trimaran using leftovers from a nautical shipyard and an abandoned sail: since then he’s never stopped sailing, preferring the sound of the wind to any other music.

Giovanni Tedesco

Sailor - Lecce

Giovanni - Sailsquare Ambassador

Giovanni is a man of science who has a soft spot for sunsets and literature. He comes across sailsquare in one of our flotillas and drink after drink… he understand the importance of sailsquare for him, as it’s the only one who makes him feel like Ulysses in a boundless sea.

Valerio Restori

Sailor - Monza

Valerio - Sailsquare Ambassador

Besides being an engineer, Valerio is a former competitive swimmer. Don’t get deceived by his serious and solitary behaviour, because once he gains confidence with the crew he becomes the life of the party, pulling out one of his well-known smiles.

He found in Sailsquare the best way to balance his passion for the sea with spending time with old and new friends; onboard, he’s always willing to help and record the most noteworthy moments with photos and videos.

Sebastiano Longaretti

Sailor - Bergamo

Valentina - Sailsquare Ambassador

Born in Bergamo and moved to Modena to manage his start-up company, he’s a strong supporter of sharing economy. Using carsharing, he discovers #blablasail contest, thanks to which he gets to know sailsquare and the beauty of the open sea.

Inspired by the idea that the sea is not only near the coasts but first of all in your heart, he decides to be part of sailsquare’s ambassadors and spread the word.

Francesco Galasso

Skipper - Campobasso

Francesco Galasso - Sailsquare Ambassador

Francesco knows sealife very well, being born in Tremoli and being brought up in Gargano; however, his first encounter with sailing is surprisingly in... Milan! Once he obtains his nautical license, he tries to make up for sea distance buying a Meteor in Lake Maggiore.

When he gets off the boat, he would set sail again immediately if he could, because he already misses daily laughs and his new mates.

Maddalena Fusari

Sailor - Milan

Maddalena Fusari - Sailsquare Ambassador

Maddalena comes across sailing on a lazy summer day, and gets closer to it little by little. First with a weekend excuse, then things get more serious with a winter flotilla in Caribbean seas; eventually love explodes, followed by a holiday in Croatia and short but intense weekends branded sailsquare during the year.

A sailing holiday is definitely her type: everytime they meet she is always carefree and doesn't feel the urge to wear make-up; besides, sailing is not jealous and allows her to dedicate a lot of time to make new friends.

Massimo Dallaglio

V.I.P - Bologna

Massimo Dellaglio - Sailsquare Ambassador

You could have never told that Massimo would have met sailsquare, given the fact he was rescued while drowning in a pool. But in life, never say never: even though he still avoids pools, he couldn’t resist the call of the sea: starting from inflatables in Cesenatico he reaches A-class catamarans on Lake Garda, taking part also in regattas and, why not, simply enjoying boatlife as a tourist.

What he loves the most is writing and telling stories about people that do what they are passionate of, considering them the only ones who deserve to be called “successful”.

Luca Picchio

Sailor - Turin

Luca Picchio - Sailsquare Ambassador

Since he was a child, Luca has lived between Rapallo and La Spezia due to his father’s job. Turning 18 he buys his first cabin cruiser and sails in the Gulf of Poets, land of pirates and pub habitués. The sea has always been his element and he’s enthusiastic to live it at full.

After a while far from the sailing activity, he’s more into it and ready to go far with the winds in his favour.

Luciano Montefalcone

Sailor - Bari

Luciano Montefalcone - Sailsquare Ambassador

Once Luciano landed in Milan he immediately felt homesick, being born and raised just a few steps from the sea. How to get over it? Sailing holiday, for sure!

Licensed and passionate, he’s willing to help in the manoeuvres and take the helm. However, whenever the the going gets tough… he prefers to take a drink rather than the helm. A quick opinion on sailsquare holidays? “They are a curse, just like the sirens to Ulysses!”

Tzena Nicole

Sailor - New York

Tzena Nicole - Sailsquare Ambassador

This adventurous New Yorker has a very international background. In her free time, she's usually singing, dancing, reading and cheering on her favorite football team, but travel is her biggest passion.

Tzena has backpacked around the world, yet is new to sailing. It was always her dream, but seemed so out of reach until she learned about Sailsquare. One week sailing the beautiful Maddelena archipelago with a fantastic crew got her hooked and now sailing is regular part of her life. There's almost no better way to travel and make new friends!

Dorotea Manco

V.I.P. - Rome

Dorotea Manco - Sailsquare Ambassador

Born in Rome in a Calabrian family, she’s in love with the sea, a bit less with finding herself not bikini ready. She becomes popular for #LetterinaAJohnnyDepp, but her witty humour is already known in her blog “Non Conto Fino A Dieci” since 2012. Like in the best love stories, during her first time on a sailboat she had her stomach upside-down: since that day xamamina seemed the only consolation, but little by little Dorotea realized she couldn’t stay away from the sensation of being barefoot, make-up free and having her hair moved by the wind.

Dorotea detests staying quiet at home, so she’s endlessly searching for new horizons to admire, unknown hands to shake, new places to explore, limits to overcome (such as giving up your wardrobe and hair straightener for ten days of navigation). Give her the scent of the sea, a tasty mojito and she’ll be yours forever. Or at least ‘til the end of the travel.

Fausto Capalbo

Sailor - Rome

Fausto Capalbo - Sailsquare Ambassador

Hailing from Rome, He’s a pro journalist and photographer, he owns his photography studio and one of the first coworking spaces of the capital city. He gets to know the newborn Sailsquare as he’s always seeking for communities and everything concerning environment, spaces and ideas sharing.
Unstoppable traveller, he approaches the sea a bit late, but it is love at first sight: he’s certain that the sea, the wind and the sun are a powerful remedy.

When he’s onboard, he’s able to get everything he needs to live and travel peacefully. For him, the boat is a place where he can meet many interesting people, just like he was in his study.

Excellent swimmer, lover of immersion and fishing, he can stay at the helm and take care of manoeuvres. He sailed in Tuscany, Pontine Islands, Aeolian Islands, Sardinia, Corsica, French Riviera and Balearic Islands; his big dream? An oceanic passage!

Simona Pinto

Sailor - Milan

Simona Pinto - Sailsquare Ambassador

Who knows her well nicknamed her “Vulcano”: she talks much, she smile much….she lives much! She adores the sea, the wind in her hair, taking a swim when just awake and fall asleep under the stars. When on board she loves to cook (and eat!), to meet new people and discover new places. Her favourite hobby? Laughing!

First time with Sailsquare on December 2015, on a Caribbean cruise: guided by the desire of meeting new people and doing something different, “by herself but not by herself”. That’s the beginning of a wonderful story made of sun, sea, laughing, happiness, sweet escapes, dinners...that’s because with Sailsquare it’s easy making new friends and enjoying life with them!

Marina Perotta

Sailor - Varese

Marina Perotta - Sailsquare Ambassador

Marina, “a young girl aged 52” is a high school professor and loves the sea in any season of the year. She loves comfort, but she’s very flexible whenever she finds herself in a pleasant situation. Sociable and curious, she loves to give support at cooking. Just one small fault: she hates cold so bad and taking a dip is a real agony… but whenever her sailmates and the blue sea are calling… she never gives up!

She gets to know Sailsquare during a solo escape from the world: she instantly books a holiday without thinking about what could be coming next, and she couldn’t have made a better choice! She finds out that meeting strangers is more relaxing then expected, thanks to a wonderful company on board and an overwhelming holiday.

Marialaura Pintonello

Sailor - Padua

Lorenzo - Sailsquare Ambassador

Belonging both to Veneto and Campania, Marialaura always wears a smile on her lips, bringing sunshine wherever she goes.

Being a real lover of the sea and tropical temperatures, the destiny made her come across sailsquare. It must have been love at first sight, since she joined two experiences in Elba Island and Croatia in just three months time. Always seeking for new adventures, she only gets on board with.. “people she likes”.

Elisa Tonello

Sailor - Padua

Elisa - Sailsquare Ambassador

Elisa starts travelling endlessly for university, then for work but most of all for passion. When she meets sailsquare in 2014, her passion grows more than ever.

She loves to get sunkissed and make a splash in bright blue seas, besides making new friends and bringing them onboard.

Elena Bianco

Sailor - Milan

Elena Bianco - Sailsquare Ambassador

Elena’s long story short: “wherever she is, she’s fine with it”: flexible and totally okay with any situation, she loves to travel on her own to meet new people along the way. Lively and feisty, she is devoted to physical activity. Yoga and basketball in winter, beach volley and lot of sailing during the summer!

When she recognized Sailsquare as a new way to live the sea, she hopelessly fell in love with it. One of the most thrilling sides of it is creating new friendships on board and keeping them alive in the end, no matter the distance.



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