Barcolana regatta, Gulf of Trieste Italy

August 9, 2017

Barcolana regatta, Gulf of Trieste Italy: two days of pure sea

The Barcolana is a historic international sailing regatta that is held every year in the wonderful Gulf of Trieste, on the second Sunday of October and is the most crowded event in Italy that each sailing lover can’t really miss! Since 1969 has been a special sailing event for everyone and started  as dream of few friends, over the years it has earned the reputation of the regatta with the larger number of participants and sailboats: in the 70s they were 400 then 800, until to reach 2000 registrations, an incredible number!

In addition the Barcolana is also considered as a real festival that involves, professional teams racing and young or old people with new or very rare sailboats from all over the world.

So if you want to enjoy an amazing weekend get on board with Sailsquare: is a great opportunity to discover a charming city, learn to sail, met new friends and finally say: I was there!

Barcolana regatta prerequisite: the desire to have fun!

The Barcolana regatta this year will take place on 29 September to 9 October, 2017 and during those days you will become part of a cultural festival full of activities and art exhibition, musical performances. Furthermore  the city has a fascinating history and unique in its kind has many attractions. You will spoilt for the choice but if you’re looking for incredible views the Molo Audace is the right place and a must see are the roman ruins of the theater and of course Piazza d’Unità. The Barcolana village is a true attraction and the true heart of the Barcolana regatta, that stretches along the seafront, from the Port Authority offices to Stazione Marittima: over 150 stands of numerous clothing brands, local yachting companies, tasty foods, local wines and spectaculars concerts. And it will be great, especially if you are a sailing fanatic!

Barcolana regatta: race schedule

If you want to race with us at the Barcolana regatta, since from the first day in the afternoon we will dock in one the ports of Trieste;  the day after we’ll go out to the sea to train and to study the route that covers  16 nautical miles. Then we’ll spend a very pleasant evening together exploring the village, the numerous stands and the parties. The last day we’ll sail enjoying the show of Barcolana regatta and the excitement will overwhelming!

It not required a sailing experience: advancers and beginners who have ever dreamed of becoming a skipper will learn to sail with us and maybe, developing your sailing skills will not be easy but you will never get bored!

Stay in touch with Sailsquare: we will keep you posted on Barcolana regatta news and other unmissable events! Some ideas?