Barcolana: when sailing becomes a big celebration!

September 29, 2015

Imagine four yatchsmen dreaming together about hosting a regatta in their beautiful gulf, Barcola.
This is how – in 1969 – barcolana regatta takes place, counting 51 participants on the startline.

Maybe because of the magical blowing of the Bora, maybe because this dream was shared by many other people: the thing is, Barcolana gains quickly the title of “regatta with higher number of participants”. In the ‘70s the number rises to 400, then 800.. until the participants become incredibly 2000, giving birth to a real celebration.

puzzle-1 puzzle-2 puzzle-3

The photos of the event seem unreal, having so many sails close together. It must be seen live to understand deeply the reason why many yatchsmen decide to be part of this joyful event. Long story short, Barcolana is a surreal meeting point among sailors where you can have fun and have goose bumps at the same time.

Get on board and join Barcolana!