5 Greek islands that few people know: discover them on a sailing boat!

May 20, 2016

If someone talks about Greece, what bumps to your mind? And what about visiting Greece with a sailing boat? Your thoughts might be quite similar in both cases: Santorini, Ios and Mykonos, same old, same old. They are certainly wonderful places but quite crowded, explored by everybody and popular to mass-tourism. But are really these the only islands worth visiting? Here’s our top 5 of islands you may not know but you will fall in love with, all reachable by sailing boat.

Kastellorizo: the most silent and peaceful island in whole Greece

This is the island where Mediterraneo by Gabriele Salvatores was shot. You can move on foot, lulled by the silence and natural sounds of everyday. Even if it doesn’t seem so, it boasts a glorious and rich history, anything but boring, visible thanks to some precious ruins.

Milos: Greek tourism, taverns and secluded beaches

Just few years ago, Milos was a very quiet island, enriched by its secluded beaches with some taverns hither and yon. Today, it is where young Greek people are used to hanging out at, so it has become a quite lively place. There tourism does not go at the same pace with tons of alcohol, so the island isn’t particularly loud. It’s a romantic isle, the perfect place for those young people seeking peace and stillness.


Hydra: the gem among greek islands.

Absence of cars and charm in abundance: that’s why Hydra is known as the greek Portofino. It’s the ideal destination for a perfect holiday for families, couples and young people looking for parties. Not only is the island popular among greek celebrities, but it comes out to be picturesque and elegant.

Alonissos: a pleasant ecosystem with dolphins and seals.

Entirely protected by a marine nature park, the island felt the “Mamma Mia!” effect since the movie was shot exactly in the Sporades Archipelago, even if it has echoed there less than in Alonissos’ greater sisters, Skiathos and Skopelos. The atmosphere there is so pacific and peaceful, and nature is so flourishing that it plunges directly in the Aegean Sea.

Symi: wonderful surroundings, nice taverns and amazing waters.

In Symi you can find a little bit of everything, as it’s the perfect place to relax as well as a touristic and nice island. Small alleys, pastel-colored houses and ancient ruins are its trademarks. In the summer, especially at sunset, peace is the sovereign. It’s the ideal place for nice walks through deserted bays and small churches that follow one another alongside the way.


If the pictures and words made you want to visit these crystal blue waters and colorful little houses, to live with slower rhythms and to taste Moussaka and Tzatziki, you should definitely take a look at the sailing holidays in Greece published on Sailsquare!