Adventure trips around the world with Sailsquare

May 3, 2017

Adventure trips around the world with Sailsquare

Adventure trips, wilderness destinations, breathtaking places, challenging outdoor activities and even then it may not be enough an overwhelming experience of a journey that will remain forever in your heart. If you are looking for unique emotions, excitement, freedom, amazement, at least once in your life, what are you waiting for? Definitely, if you are reading this post you want to explore the world, pushing yourself beyond the boundaries and your comfort zone.
Last but not least you want to discover new lands and cultures and more importantly, just for a while, you need a break from work and the stress of everyday life. The keyword is: adventure travel, and this may include amazing and beautiful places, or mysterious and remote destinations. All you have to do is to imagine where to go and pack a bag: Sailsquare will take care of the rest.

Adventure trips, why not travel? Motivations and lifestyles

Adventure trips bring us back to our true nature: we are all nomads by heart. Traveling has always been a primitive desire that connects and unites all humans being, moving them from one place to another. In ancient times, before civilization, the main reason to travel was the search for the food and the survival. Today the reasons, the values and the motivations driving more and more people to leave and travel are: the desire to explore the real world around us, to reevaluate their life, to reconnect to the nature and be physically active, keeping the mind open, enriching it with authentic experiences. Last but not least this choice is dominated by a complex multifaceted motivations and decisions that evolve over time.
Anyway, the dream of photographing lions in South Africa, riding a bike in New Zealand, diving and surfing in Australia or climbing in Nepal is not for everyone, although more and more people are attracted to this type of trips.
The adventure tourism is a niche market that nowadays is experiencing a worldwide boom that is bound to increase even more in the future.
There are several factors that have pushed this growth but first because actually there is a large offering of special holidays, built around unique experiences and sensations.
The adventure-seeking travelers need to broaden their horizons, crossing uncontaminated places such as Antarctica, Arctic, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and New Zealand. They want to plunge themselves in the most unexpected destinations, above all to learn and enjoy the nature first.


Adventure Trips: tips and tricks

Adventure trips around the world are for those who wish to obtain from a holiday a pure adrenaline rush: therefore you will not find classical and conventional places, but those out of the ordinary, remote and uncontaminated islands and pristine waters.
You won’t come back rested but changed, you will not live a vacation but an incredible experience.
Typically, this type of holiday includes the practice of some activities and extreme sports such as rafting, mountain climbing, scuba diving in the unexplored seabed, hiking or biking.

Are you scared or curious? We‘ll clear up any doubt with some tips and tricks thanks to the experience of Sailsquare:

1)You will test yourself, and given the opportunity you will learn how to get outside of your comfort zone. You’ll have the occasion to change your perspective, seeing the things in a new and different way.
2)You’ll be in contact with the nature, the culture and the locals: you might be surprised how many things you could possibly have in common with them.
3)Travel now! Because unfortunately some of these destinations are evolving rapidly and within a few years could be completely changed.
4)Life can be very challenging: give yourself a chance to disconnect from the digital world during your adventure trips. Feast your eyes with which you are experiencing and connect with nature, instead with the smartphone.

Adventure trips into the sea

Adventure trips, sailing around the world, with the wind in your hair, are the most real and alive: they are the right mix between the extreme experience and the opportunity to see pristine and wild landscapes, even more closely. The contact with the sea gives the chance to be surrounded by the nature and experience a real “adventurous” life. Some examples?

Du 26 Août au 23 Septembre – La Corse et le sBouches de Bonifacio hors saison – Navigations et mouillages sauvages: with Stephane. Autour des iles méditerranéennes, au départ de Barcelone nous vous proposons de découvrir les charmes de la navigation au large et la gestion du bateau en haute mer. La navigation s’effectuera autour et entre les Baléares, la Sardaigne du Nord et la Corse.
Nous ferons escales dans le Golfe d’Asinara, à Bonifacio et Ajaccio, avant de revenir vers Majorque et enfin Barcelone.

Du 2 au 18 Septembre – Traversée du Groenland (Nuuk) au Canada (Halifax, Nouvelle-Écosse): with Andrea et Kikka. Rejoignez-nous pour une expérience inoubliable! Vous verrez des endroits incroyables, collaborer à la vie à bord et nous allons dire aux aventures que nous avons passé jusqu’à présent dans le monde entier … Pour plus d’informations s’il vous plaît ne hésitez pas à nous contacter en privé!

Du 16 au 30 Septembre – Traversé et découverte des Baléares depuis le port de Hyères !: with Emmanuel. Prêt à participer à une formidable traversé depuis Hyères jusqu’aux iles Baléares ? Que vous soyez expérimenté ou novice vous pourrez si vous le souhaitez participer au manoeuvre.

Une fois arrivées aux Baléares nous visiteront les iles de Majorca, Minorque, Ibiza et Formentera. Toutes les nuits seront passés aux mouillages. Une bien belle croisière en perspective. Soleil, détente et tapas. Je ne sais pas vous mais moi j’ai déjà envie d’y être !