Sailing holidays: embrace a peaceful state of mind

April 12, 2015

Even though living on a boat implies having a minimum well-organized room, you will find enough to express yourself and your own passions: the sailor will be in charge of everything, but he will be happy to have in his crew several different personalities: anyone can be a wannabe skipper, a cook of delicatessen, a hunter of unforgettable moments with a camera and, why not, an entertaining musician to get the party started!


Waking up on a sailboat

Time on board is subjective: the sailor will be ready in the early morning to check the weather forecast and the route, making (the)necessary variations and preparing the boat to set sail. The early birds will prepare breakfast with the gurgle of the moka keeping company; sea lovers will make the first of a million dives of the day and the lazy bones will be woken up by the first tackings. Feeling like doing some yoga in the morning? No schedules, no problems: anybody is free to pass the time at his own pace.



The day goes by, heading to the next bay and taking some breaks in the meantime to appreciate the wideness of the sea. Just few hours are enough to understand the language of the sailor and where the wind blows for those willing to cooperate with the manoeuvres: if the wind blows in favour and the waters are calm enough, the navigation allows to relish a best seller or to sunbathe on the stern.

When lunchtime is approaching, finding a peaceful place where to restore makes everybody agree to drop the anchor ; if tiredness hasn’t peeked out yet, the crew can continue to sail while having some good wine and nibbles. The important thing in this neverending adventure is to compromise with the unexpected behaviour of the main guest: the wind: it can either be helpful by blowing in the desired direction, or it can spoil your plans by blowing in the other way. In this case, the destination becomes further than before; however, sailing desire doesn’t cease.


Drinking something on the cockpit

The arrival could be scheduled either in the harbour or in the haven, but, one way or another, be sure not to miss a drink at sunset: it’s always great fun to recall the highlights of the day with laughter, and also a way to strenghten old friendship or to create new ones.

A night out… under the stars


The evening goes on carefree in front of a delicious fish dish, skillfully cooked in a cute village restaurant, or onboard, where some members of the crew will be in charge of delighting their hosts.

After the dinner, experts advise to stay on the deck for a while with just one light on: you will seize the fascinating vision of a starry sky. Oh, and the shooting star hunt has just begun!

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