Where to travel in June: the 3 best destinations to visit

May 26, 2017

Where to travel in June: the 3 best destinations to visit

Where to travel in June? A few vacation days is all we need to celebrate the arrival of first days of the summer 2017. Few days in early June are the perfect occasion to find a solution cheap enough for us and to fully enjoy scenic landscapes, the sea and new friendships. A swimsuit and a diver’s mask with a snorkel are a must but don’t forget the sunscreen, because the sun never sets as long as you are by our side. To help you to choose the best holiday we have selected the 3 best destinations, sailing both upwind and downwind, for an unforgettable experience.
We have chosen the best places to visit Italy in June to guide you to the discovery of an enchanting and irresistible country whether if you are looking for pure fun, pristine waters and gold beaches or a destination for families and a holiday full of shopping opportunities.

Traveling to Pontine islands in June, surrounded by a fluorescent water.

Traveling to Pontine Islands in June is better than Maldives, don’t you believe it? Gavi, Zannone, Palmarola, Ventotene, Santo Stefano and Ponza the major island which gives its name to the archipelago, are dominated by wilderness, stunning scenarios and fancy boutiques.

Each island has its own personality: Ponza, with its natural arches, sea stacks, romantic coves to dock and its narrow streets, craft shops and the many and typical bars and restaurants.
Ventotene is a little jewel, a few houses, gathered around the harbor, and an ancient history as a place of confinement. Together with Santo Stefano, form a beautiful nature reserve and a Natural Protected Marine Area. Palmarola instead is a natural reserve: where the landscape is dominated by a spectacular nature and the stunning coast that is considered among the most beautiful in the world, with its houses carved into the rock. This itinerary will be crossed by several skippers who have published their holidays on Sailsquare: for a luxury vacation at a small price you get on board with Francis. If you are looking for the unbridled fun you have to contact Andrea to get aboard his flotilla.


Traveling in June: sailing along the french Mediterranean coast

Varied and bright blue the French Mediterranean coast and its lovely destinations are waiting to be discovered: the Cote d’Azur region is characterized by glamorous places that evoke charm with a vibrant and exciting nightlife as in Nice, Cannes and Saint Tropez; the Porquerolles Islands, a magical oasis, with rare colors and inebriating scents, is one of the most untouched and protected areas in the Mediterranean, a small haven of peace without the noise of cars. And then, in the middle of the Cetacean Sanctuary, the authentic Corsica, rich in beaches with crystal clear waters and unique landscapes, with still hidden and rarely visited fishing villages. If you are still undecided about the destination where to travel in June, Corsica, especially in the North, will amaze you with its many shades of light blue! This sailing itinerary will show you breathtaking beauties in every charming ports and corner.
The holiday with Matteo is the way to go! If you want to travel and you are curious to discover the Iles de Porquerolles with many new friends to discover new destinations, contact Miki: there are still places aboard his flotilla!


Where to travel in June around the Gulf of Naples

Procida, the smallest island of Campania archipelago, has been chosen by major directors as an ideal background for famous movies and cinematographic masterpieces. With a volcanic origin, this place will make you fall in love with the colorful houses, the alleys and little churches that characterize the whole territory.
Ischia, with its charming old town centre characterized by narrow streets and antique craft shops, is also a small fishing village. Rich in healthy and salubrious thermal springs, Ischia has many Spas centers, appreciated all over the world. The last island to visit, sailing across the sea of the Gulf of Naples is Capri, with its clean and clear sea: the famous Blue Grotto of Anacapri is a must-see and a wonderful destination, as are the Faraglioni, three peaks surrounded by the sea, survived to the landslide of the coast, that create a spectacular landscape effect. Want to get on board to discover this beautiful gulf? Alessandro is ready to cast off, get on board with him! This is his vacation: from 23 to 25 of June Ischia … a spectacle to see! – All Inclusive


Do you want to discover all the best destinations where to travel in June? You just have to browse among the proposals listed on Sailsquare … pack a bag and go!