Cooking on a sailboat, fast recipes suggestions

June 9, 2017

Cooking on a sailboat is not a difficult task and you know that between the crew there is always someone who is an aspiring chef that will surprise everyone with some culinary skills. Anyway, you need only a little bit of good will, a ship’s boy helping to cut and peel and that’s it! First and main courses will receive a big sound of applause and compliment and maybe the admiration of that person that has captured your interest from the first day!
Here are 5 simple and fast recipes suggested by travelers and skippers, to be proposed during a vacation on a sailing boat with Sailsquare, to surprise and do not go crazy!
Doses are for 8 people.

Cooking risotto with apples and shrimps on a sailboat

Recipes by the skipper Francesco
Great, if you’re still in anchored in the port to make a quick trip to buy some fresh shrimps. In a frying pan with 2 tablespoons of olive oil, cut two apples into little cubes (about a centimeter per 1 centimeter…activity that can be sold to the crew as a recreation) and brown them. Once that they are softened put them on a dish to rest. In a pot must be prepared 1Lt of broth. In the same pan in which you have browned apples brown this time a half of white onion with 3 tablespoons of olive oil and half a glass of water. Add the uncooked rice (2 punches per person + 2 punches for the pot … depends on the level of hunger you have). Bathe the rice with the wine and cooking it slowly adding the broth but dosing it with a ladle. A few minutes after the end of cooking, add the apples and 20 previously peeled shrimps. Add 100 grams and cook it until creamy. At the end add fresh parsley.

Cooking couscous with chicken and vegetables on board

Recipes by Federica, Sailsquare ambassador
The only “difficult” part of this course is trying to convince someone on the sailboat to help you to cut the vegetables, the rest is a breeze! To prepare the seasoning: cut 5 courgettes and 3 peppers (one per color) into small cubes that you will put in a large pan heat 6 tablespoons of olive oil. Prepare a saucepan (4 glasses) with some broth prepared with a vegetable stock cube and put it in the pan cooking on high flame. Halfway through cooking, add a can of drained chickpeas, salt, curry and chili powder, trying to dose them according your taste.
Once cooked and dry from the broth, pour the vegetables in a bowl. In the same pan where you cooked the vegetables fry a white onion, cooking a diced chicken breast. Put the raw couscous in a bowl and add a teaspoon of turmeric for each glass of it. In a saucepan, boil the salt water. For doses followed this rule: 1 level cup couscous + 2 glasses of water = 2 persons. Pour the boiling water on it and cover with a wrap or with a cloth for 5 minutes. Then, serve in each dish a portion of couscous covering it with vegetables and chicken.


A delicious Italian and fast recipe: “Trofie with tomatoes, chickpeas and pesto”

Recipes by Ambra, traveler
Cooking on a sailboat a classic pasta dish can be a little different from the usual fast recipes but has never been easier: in a pan, fry 5 tablespoons of olive oil with a few cloves of garlic. Add a pack and a half of cherry tomatoes washed and cut into two or four pieces (depending on the size). When the tomatoes will be soft, remove the garlic, add a pack of 200 grams of chickpeas: you can use dried ones, to soak them the day before, for around 24 hours but is simply to use those ready cooked in a glass jar (fast way). Prepare 1 kg of Trofie (Italian type of pasta) and once cooked add the prepared sauce.
Add a jar of pesto sauce: if your sailboat is around Cinque Terre is required to use it very fresh, otherwise the choice of the packaged one will be excused.

Sailing in the Mediterranean flavors: a very easy recipe with spaghetti

Recipes by Simone, skipper
A very fast dish, ideal for a quick lunch or dinner on the sail boat. First, take a pan and pour in half a bag of breadcrumbs: fry it over medium heat for a few minutes to dry it and make it a bit crispy. Put it aside in a dish and use the same pan for the sauce: fry the garlic in extra virgin olive oil. Add 3 handfuls of pine nuts and bake them.
After a few minutes, add 4 tablespoons of chopped dried tomatoes (you can find them already packaged), half jar of “taggiasche” olives and after a few minutes, add a small amount of raisins previously left to soak for 10 minutes in warm water (and then squeezed).
Once drained the spaghetti add them directly to the sauce (if the pan is large enough, if not do the same job in the pot), mix them and add the breadcrumbs according your taste. For those who like it, a sprinkling of chili can enhance the Mediterranean flavors of the dish.

Cooking a summer Barley Salad sailing on the waves

Recipes by Lorenzo, Sailsquare ambassador
For a light lunch and very easy to prepare and is a solution suited to lazy people. It is a revival of rice salad: but here the barley is the king … and pickles are banned! Few but good ingredients, are the trick of this summer dish. In a large bowl, put the “buffalo” mozzarella, cut into pieces, some sliced up pitted black olives, basil leaves, 4 cans of tuna.
In a pan mix the cherry tomatoes cut in half and some little courgettes cut into very fine slices.
In a boiling salted water cook the barley for ten minutes, then drain it, season it with the contents of the pan and pour it into the bowl with the remaining ingredients. Serve warm.

At last but not least … a bit of advice:
On a sailboat you have to cook for many people: if you are in the kitchen remember to prepare large portions and do not hold back with condiments.
Dairy products, fatty or acidic foods can make worse the sea sickness. It is better to reserve some recipes and some foods at the harbor, protected from waves.
Cooking on sailboat means to also plan the galley provisioning with attention: together with the crew think about fast recipes to prepare on the sailboat and drawn up a list to make a proper pantry.


Unless you’re on a yacht of 40 meters, on average you will have 4 burners on which you can use only a pan per time (or a pot). So take your time to cook “in installments”: for example, before the seasonings and then the pasta.
Fish and meat: try to consume them in the first two days of the embarkation or, even better, try to buy them fresh if you are moored in the harbor.
On the sailboat the appetizer is a must: the fantasy is also used to prepare fast snacks and everything that will accompany spritz, beers and wine. And during a holiday on a sailboat … a happy hour can happen every hour!

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