Dishwasher on a sailing boat: say what?

August 1, 2015

Unless you are hosts of a sultan, on a sailing boat you won’t be able to find golden taps, a spa, loads of masseuses and above all… a dishwasher!

Crew chemistry is easy to spot

You won’t realize it during a storm, not even during a regatta or while planning a route: crew chemistry is given by a glimpse, by a hand signal meaning “first the sink, then the stern”. Yes, talking about washing time. In the most harmonic crews, everybody has everthing under control: wait for a few seconds and you’ll see a human chain starting from the lower deck to the stern that even Toyota will be envious of. Everybody plays an important role: the washing responsible starts rubbing vigorously with a sponge soaked in bio detergent, the rinsing responsible has to make sure that no soap or food trace is left on the plates, and then the process ends in the lower deck, where the plates are quickly dipped into fresh water and put back to their place. It’s a kind of magic, like Queen would say.


A matchmaker moment

Cupid struck more during the washing than dives in the waves; a sponge has more secrets to keep than a stern during a romantic sunset… Washing time is the typical ice-breaker, where the most genuine laughs and smiles come out of the blue and most of all, the moment when it becomes clear whether the man in front of you works hard when doing the houseworks or the woman who passes you a plate could be your next lover. So here’s the thing: don’t underestimate the power of a missing dishwasher: the legend has it that its absence is not by chance, in order to make Cupid do his job undisturbed.

What about you? Have you ever thought to find love on a sailboat? Especially in flotillas, many love stories were born because of magic… or, to be honest, because of some extra beers.