Questions, doubts and interesting facts for sailing boat beginners

May 26, 2015

Are you craving to get away from it all? Whether you go for a stop and go weekend or a lifetime holiday, you’ll be able to do it once you jump straight from the concrete to the gangway of a boat.


No frills, just real emotions

A sailing holiday reconnects you with those natural needs that the city cannot always satisfy: new friendships, sleeping under the sun, reading endlessly. And you will discover many more that just a sailboat can offer: enjoying some beers at sunset, sleeping under the stars, playing guitar and singing along (all together), or simply being cuddled by the sound of the sea and the wind blowing.


The greatest thing you’ll ever learn onboard is getting back to basis, starting from the content of your suitcase, made up just of few items and ending with the pleasure of rediscover the value of new friendships.

Getting onboard doesn’t mean being neither Rockefeller nor Eric Tabarly.

When your friends will discover that your next holiday will be on a boat, the first thing they will ask you is “Gosh, have you won the lottery?”, followed by wide eyes and wide envy, just because they think you are going on a luxurious holiday. Open your eyes, welcome to the era of sailing holidays for all budgets: movement is given by the wind force, no fuel is needed and accommodation is included.

Another common doubt concerns sailing skills: remember that being onboard is an adventure for everybody, starting from the sporty type who wants to guide the ship’s wheel, to the sunbathing lover, to reading fanatics who have just books in their suitcase, to wind and sea seekers. Just one piece of advice: be curious and open to any situation and new people, forget schedules and embrace unexpected but pleasant events.


Some myths to dispel

Sailboat experiences are unique, and many people are attracted by them, but every year it is better to keep basking in the comfort zone, to avoid disappointing that italian song: “per quest’anno non cambiare, stessa spiaggia, stesso mare”. No more excuses, just a few lines more and you’ll be convinced once for all.

Is the boat big enough?

The boat has to be seen as a tiny part of a wider space: the sea and its horizon. Putting philosphy aside, new holiday boats are very spacious and many think: “Is THIS big?!”. Believe it or not, it is possibile to read a book in total peacefulness, but also chit chat until the break of dawn without annoying other passengers.

What if I don’t get along with someone?

We are sorry to inform you that’s likely to happen, but that’s life. No despair, though, we have good news: everybody onboard needs to find agreement among the crew in order to avoid ruining the holiday, therefore who isn’t nice becomes it 100% guaranteed. Maybe because seeing beautiful landscapes makes us happier?


Getting to real matters: bathroom, shower and seasickness

Concerning the bathroom… well, there are different ways to flush and dimensions are smaller, but let’s be honest, imagine a bathroom like any other one! And remember that there is always a harbour waiting for you. Warning: taking a shower on a boat can lead to total relaxation. Usually there is a shower-head on the stern, so it is warmly suggested to sunbathe right after, having the opportunity to seize breathtaking vistas.

The seasickness can be defeated simply by getting passionate of sailboat life: sitting on the toerail, feeling the boat caressing the sea, the wind hitting the sails, anchoring in fascinating bays… once you feel these sensations, you cannot get rid of them. Anyway, if you want to make sure to have a good time, bring with you any drug containing Dimenhydrinate.


All the other positive opinions you heard on a sailboat experience are true: you will have time to have fun with new and old friends, get sunkissed by the most suggestive sunsets, feel the real sea life more than in any other sea holiday, get the thrill of a new sport, a new song, a new dance, a new love.