New friends, new crushes: blame it on the sailing holiday!

August 5, 2015

New people, sudden smiles, feeling like having fun and relaxing, being carefree and enthusiastic: this is what you get when embarking on a sailing experience. At the beginning, people introduce themselves to others with an handshake, and on the last day they will hug like they have been best friends since ever.


An experience shared together

The sailing boat atmosphere is a heap of emotions, encounters among similar and opposite personalities, fun and unforgettable experiences. Since the first day, the common sensation is feeling like being separated at birth: (the first) nicknames pop out, everybody feels at ease, with no distinction of age, social condition or career position.


Now, picture in your mind this heap of emotions multiplied by 3, 5 or even 10. Flotilla is a type of sailing holiday where many boats – this implies many crews – decide to set sail and navigate together. Aperitivos are done in a get-together style, allowing sailors to pass from one boat to another, meeting everyday new people, a potential friendship, a crush or who knows, even the apple of your eye!

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