The best sailing jackets to wear on board

July 24, 2017

The best sailing jackets to wear on board

The best sailing jackets to wear on board are made with specific waterproof fabrics and you need to remember before to buy one that a jacket will be the key for your comfort everywhere and anytime during your sailing trip: it must to protect you from a storm and the strong wind. Sailing jackets have been designed and created to make you feel warm and dry, and once that you understand this, it will be more easy to make a choice.
There are so many different models in various colors and materials, that you’ll be spoilt for the choice, but basically it always depends on your needs, the season to handle and your personal tastes. One useful tip? It is better to avoid dark colors because, specially at night, you can’t see them against the sea.
However, the black is always in style and also among the breaking waves and the winds blowing hard and in gusts, we are all a bit “fashion victims”, so it would be helpful a reflector tape on shoulders, hood and arms.
And once on board, you will show off your new ultra-light jacket with all its pockets and special accessories. So, let’s go into the world of the best nautical clothing among sailing jackets engineered for the toughest open water offshore conditions and those more simple and cheap but water repellent to sail during the summer.


The best sailing jackets: offshore, windproof and waterproof

The best sailing jackets for the offshore that you will find on the market are those designed and produced with technical fabrics. If you have some navigation experience you perfectly know that as you attempt to cross the sea and the ocean the weather conditions may vary suddenly and considerably. Then it is better to choose a technical model, specifically developed for the best outdoor adventure. Leaders in the technical sailing-gear are for example Slam, Helly Hansen, Gaastra or Musto, that have a good quality price ratio. A particular attention should be given to: heat welded seams, broad reflectors tapes as we already said or taped seams, fluorescent cap, multilayer structure with a breathable membrane, adjustable cuffs for the absolute comfort and versatility.
For the summer instead there are jackets for the beginners and different types of sailing: there is a plenty to choose from. Also lightweight jackets, inshore or light inshore, offering protection against waves and winds: a good one is breathable and water resistant that keeps you dry while it’s raining as you seek a protected harbor. Usually in fact in the warmer periods, shorts and T-shirts are sufficient but to keep our body warm it is important as well, so it is better if the sailing jackets have a fixed hood. In addition try to avoid a tight jacket and make some room for multiple under layers on your body if the weather is a little crazy. Moreover best jackets must allow freedom of movement and for this adjustable cuffs are so essential.


All right, now that you have your jacket we know that you are wondering about the dress code for the evening. Don’t worry, up to you, just be yourself but remember no heels on the boat, please! Take with you shoes that drain fast as the sailing jackets mentioned above and with non-marking rubber soles. Sailsquare is waiting for you!