The coolest job in the world: The story of Alyzée Joy Montana

April 12, 2018

The graduate who landed the coolest job in the world.

Travelling around the world testing sailing holidays, creating videos about your sailing adventures – how does that sound? That is the job of Alyzée Joy Montana, a 26 year old graduate, who was selected by Sailsquare, for their widely talked about International Travel Reporter position. As soon as this role was made public, it was instantly picked up by a host of international news publications such as Forbes, Elle, Red Bull – and in a matter of days, had thousands of applications!

More than 3,000 applicants, from 18 countries.

In July 2017, Sailsquare put forward a contract, offering all expenses paid travel around the world. The mission? To test the different sailing experiences available through the Sailsquare sailing holiday platform, and to create photo and video content from these experiences. This job post generate enormous attention in the media, and within just days, had lead to over 3,000 applications from individuals in 18 different countries.

How did she do it? She applied to the job with a video. This video shows her recruiting people to play a part in her application, and with these volunteers she writes on the beach, “Sailsquare hire [me]”! Alyzée shared this video on social media, with a follow up video showing how she made the video – and then she followed these videos up with mailing over a (real) anchor, and pirate note style covering letter.

“We did not choose Alyzée, she imposed her application on us with her creativity and originality. Her approach brought together all of the components needed for this job!” said Maxime Courtaigne, France Country Manager.

The coolest job in the world: Sharing the magic of sailing.

Amed with a host of tech, including: drones, cameras, a GoPro, and much more, Alyzée sets off to reveal the new world of accessible sailing holidays. The main objective of her role as International Travel Reporter, is to share the stories of Sailsquare’s community skippers and travellers that are living unique experiences at sea, and with their different nationalities, ages, and budgets showing how sailing adventures are accessible to all!

For logistical reasons, Alyzée will spend roughly half of her time onboard sailboats, and the other half with the teams in Paris and Milan. In fact, after just a few days in the role, she was already making her way over to Cuba for her first holiday!

The next destinations? Among her upcoming plans are trips to the Norwegian Fjords, the Seychelles, a transatlantic voyage, a sailing regatta on older rigs, and more! Follow along on this journey, through the A Lens Over The Sea series.

“I want to sell dreams!”

Alyzée says it’s impossible for her to sit behind a desk. She embodies the term digital nomad who love to travel, create, and tell stories. For her this position is something from her wildest dreams, as it allows her to constantly try and do new things, in new places. She now endeavours to “make people dream” through her content.

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