5 top destinations for your Easter on a sailboat

March 9, 2016

An Italian saying goes: “Christmas with your dear ones, Easter with whom you want”. Why not choosing new people to keep you company this Easter? Where though, you’d say. On a sailboat, obviously!

Let yourself be inspired by 5 dreamlike destinations for your Easter by sea, there are loads of ideas for everybody: sailing habitués, newbies, people who can afford a quick getaway and people who are lucky to have more time to spend onboard.

1)Try something impressive: Seychelles, your personal paradise near the Equator!

Set sail on a catamaran with Gianluca and many new friends to discover this enchanting location: you’ll be totally in love with its uniqueness, the power of nature and the welcoming attitude of locals. Part of the time will be spent together with another catamaran crew: doubling the people, doubling the fun!


Relaxation, dreamlike bays and new islets to discover everyday. The catamaran will start the journey from Mahe and drop the anchor at Praslin, famous for its “coco de mer”, then Curieuse with its red soil, La Digue with its flourishing natural park and giant tortoises, followed by the wild Aride… be ready to get lost in the unknown beauty.

2) Discover Italy through the eyes of a sailor: a new point of view to appreciate even more this unforgettable country.

Tuscan Archipelago

Ever heard about Tuscan Archipelago? Whatever is your answer, it’s high time you come for a visit!
Any traveler can be attracted by several choices on the platform: if you’re longing for some relaxation, Luca and its holiday experiences are well known among the community, as well as those belonging to Francesco B., who “forces” his crew to lay down and let the hostess onboard do all the rest.
If being on a holiday for you means to have fun and meet new friends, come onboard with Francesco G.: sided by his loyal co-skipper Varki, they will take you on a mini flotilla with two boats, where you will dip bravely in fresh water and join aperitifs and wild dances all night long.
If you want to live Tuscany at full and you would like to stay a little bit longer, try with Giovanni’s one-week-cruise between Elba and Capraia, with a quick drop-in around Corsica.


Liguria and its gulf

If you’re more keen on Liguria and the typical bright-coloured houses of Cinque Terre area, get on board with Renato or Giuseppe: both of them set sail from La Spezia to offer the one-of-a-kind sailing experience around Tigullio gulf. If you have one extra day to sail across all the East Coast, you’d better join Vittorio from Genoa port. Whether you are a family or a couple, with Gianfranco you’re in safe hands.


Take a dip in Sardinia or Sicily to enjoy the first summer vibes

You’ve always been fascinated by Sicily and Sardinia’s allure and you don’t want to have your dream ruined by humid weather and too much people?
You don’t have to ask anymore.
Whether you choose the north or the south, Sardinia is always capable of amazing you: Marco can make you discover the crystal-clear waters of Villasimius, Capo Carbonara or Porto Corallo, while Maurizio is looking forward to introduce you to the famous Stintino “blue triangle”: at this time of year, no crowds of tourist will disturb your fabulous travel.


If you’re fond of Sicily and total comfort onboard, have you check out the experience posted by Antonio and Bianca in Palermo? They will take care of you introducing your palate to traditional flavours and your feet to unknown paths.

If you’d like to live the emotion of setting sail on a catamaran, Alessandro will guide you along the variety of Aeolian Islands for a week.

3) Live the dream of Caribbeans, a fair compromise between splendor and…Yoga!

Massimo, in Cuba, welcomes a brand-new holiday concept: low-cost splendor. An idea out of this world? Well… seeing is believing! Picture yourself on a 45ft catamaran with 4 cabins and 4 toilets, dancing to the rhythm of Caribbean music, tasting exotic food and being lulled by bright blue seas: the holiday of a lifetime, isn’t it?
If you want to practise Yoga in a completely different dimension, why not joining Giovanni at BVI? He’s a skipper with a 30-year experience in teaching Yoga, using a method that exploits sailing manoeuvres and boat’s movements.


4) Balearic Islands and Croatia: little prices for a holiday that smells like summer.

Ready for the first dip of the year? Even if these destinations are typical of summer, parties on the beach won’t be missing!
Alessandro will prove it, welcoming you on a spacious yacht equipped with all possible comforts: destination? Ibiza and Formentera!

Nature lovers and families, let’s give a warm welcome to Marco’s experience in Croatia! and
Alessandro, instead, will start his journey from Rimini and steer to Croatia on a spacious 50ft yacht.


5) Greece and spring, a match not to underestimate.

The icing on the cake? Greece, a land with an irresistibile charm. If you are already visiting South Italy,
join Gianluigi for a crossing from Brindisi to Corfù for real sailing lovers. Remember though: taking part in a crossing doesn’t mean forgetting relax and fun!
If you’re in love with quaint villages, why not leaving with Francesco?
If you have less time available,seize inmediately Massimo’s holiday and start your journey on a funny yellow boat to discover the Ionian sea.


If you’re not satisfied yet,visit all our Easter ideas on sailsquare!