Bachelor party cruise: sailing hotspots

May 17, 2017

Bachelor party cruise: sailing hotspots

A bachelor party celebrates the last night of freedom or not? What better idea than to organize a boys-only evening or even better a party cruise on a sailboat with a few days trip in a beautiful destination. It could be a great way to get everyone together in one special place, that can be anything from a private yacht, a sailboat or a catamaran where everything can happen. It depends on your personal tastes, but one thing is sure: the sense of complete freedom of a journey that will remain forever in your heart. It is not only for sailing lovers, looking for unique emotions, but it is also a vacation opportunity with your best friends to discover the wildlife and the adventure. And even more reasons…because in those days you’ll can do all the things that, after the marriage, you’ll no longer able to do… such as throwing towels on the floor instead of washing them. So get on board and enjoy your bachelor party cruise and the last holiday as a single. Destinations are many as you want and we have some amazing ideas and a hundred of sailing hotspots. So be ready to organize your big adventure.


Bachelor party cruise: top 5 sailing destinations in Europe

So you’ve decided: a bachelor party cruise is perfect for you to explore the world and find the most fantastic yachting locations. And now you need to plan the adventure, whatever the wind will take you. Sailsquare is here for you and has many tips for the top sailing destinations with incredible beaches, enchanting coasts and exotic islands.

Croatia: a weekend to explore the Adriatic, the Dalmatian islands and a fascinating country, with the possibility for those who want to learn to sail to become a skilled sailor or simply relax in the silence of the waves. The summer is perfect, the water is clear and the climate is gentle. It is the perfect situation for a total break, fashionable beaches parties and so much fun for an unforgettable experience.

Greece: this country is the most perfect partying place in Europe. Ionian islands are among the best loved of Greece, and you can choose a week among wonderful spots such as Meganizi, Kalamos, Ithaca or Kefalonia, spending the nights in small ports or well anchored in beautiful coves. But if you are looking for the most bespoke nightlife then Mikonos has lot to offer and has everything you need for you bachelor party.


Spain: a bachelor cruise to Ibiza and Formentera is for the unbridled fun: opening and beach parties, amazing and unmissable places where to spend the more crazy evenings. But unlike what is believed both have also a crystal clear sea, white beaches and beautiful bays. You will find stunning coves during the day, where to relax and the most authentic and trendiest restaurants and bars in the colorful towns where you can spend a memorable evening.


French Riviera: this is a very romantic location but Nice, Saint Troupez and Cannes have many places to party all night long and it is an experience like no other. In short during the summer there are the most sought after events with world-famous DJs and clubs with a magical atmosphere of hedonism. Continuing along the coast there are Marsilles and Antibes where, during the summer, the really busy harbors are home to over thousand yachts every year. So enjoy your icy cold magnum of rosè and …good vibes!

The Azores, Portugal: a remote place and a volcanic archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean with a very active nightlife till the early morning but very different from Ibiza. First of all are a more tranquil destination and there are no glamorous events: here the most important thing is to enjoy the wild and the simple life, where the weather is unpredictable as it is life. Anyway this could be a heaven and it is the perfect place for nature lovers and fun adventure sports. Dress code: barefoot
So, what are you waiting for? Plan your sailing bachelor party with Sailsquare! It happens only one time in your life (we hope!).