Cheap sailing holidays: Mediterranean and Greece

July 3, 2017

Cheap sailing holidays: Mediterranean and Greece


Are you looking for cheap sailing holidays? The possibilities with Sailsquare are limitless and even if to sail may seem expensive our aim is make the sailing experiences accessible to anyone.

Our platform, thanks to the boat sharing, focus on the needs of consumers, offering the best holidays at a good quality price ratio: the cost are reduced to make the sailing tourism accessible to all. Anyway there are some destinations cheaper than others as well as it is possible to charter a boat at low prices for a weekend of for a week. All you have to do is to choose a holiday among the thousand proposals, that suits your particular needs, packing your bags for a new great adventure!

Cheap sailing holidays: Mediterranean and Greece

You can have cheap holidays as anyone could wish for browsing our proposals for the Mediterranean (Italy) and Aegean (Greece) seas where during the summer there are also the more comfortable and warmer temperatures as well as stunning coats and endless attractions. But if you are still convinced that a cheap sailing holidays don’t exist you can compare the prices to hotel and apartment accommodations: you will discover that the comfort maybe is not the same but you will have the possibility to visit more and more places every day from the morning till sunrise.

Cheap sailing holidays: an amazing adventure

Cheap sailing holidays are no longer just a dream! You can start thinking about unique adventure trips, wilderness destinations, challenging outdoor activities in direct contact with the nature and the sea, crossing uncontaminated places and islands. Traveling is truly exciting and the boat sharing is an affordable solution to explore the world and its wonders. Greece, for example, is more than a cheap destination: is the perfect place to enjoy pristine waters, a unique and fascinating culture combined with a healthy food. With almost 3000 islands to explore is at the top on the list of sailing charters and flotillas. A flotilla holiday actually is in fact cheaper, with a lot of fun for everybody. The Mediterranean sea has instead numerous locations to suit any preference and among the favorite ones there are Corsica and Sardinia where breathtaking landscapes and the ancient history are among the many things to be discovered. The Aeolian Islands have a deep blue sea that provide an outstanding record of volcanoes especially on Stromboli and Vulcano, a must see for every sailor. Balearic islands offer instead a wide range of attractions and Caribbean beaches and an amazing nightlife.

Choose a holiday with Sailsquare and take your time: many cheap destinations are waiting to be discovered!