Ibiza and Formentera trips: sailboat and catamaran

July 14, 2017

Ibiza and Formentera trips: sailboat and catamaran

Ibiza and Formentera trips with Sailsquare: white sandy beaches and the craziest nightlife for a great barefoot sailing holiday are waiting for you. Two islands, two sisters, each one with its own unique characteristics: Ibiza is hilly, Formentera is pretty flat. While Ibiza is the party epicenter in Europe, Formentera is a true paradise where you can relax, enjoying turquoises waters with an exceptional diversity of marine life. You can choose for a cruise on a sailboat or experience the comfort of the navigation with a catamaran, but doesn’t matter how you will reach this two dreamy locations, once you will be there the simply beauty of landscapes, bays and the endless activity offered will turn your vacation in a unique adventure! There are few trips that can bring us back to our true nature: but here you can be just yourself enjoying the direct contact with the nature or rock out at epic outdoor parties.

Ibiza and Formentera trips: are you wild, sporty, glitzy or lazy?

Ibiza and Formentera trips are for those looking for unique emotions, excitement, freedom, amazement, at least once in their life: you will sail during the day in a crystal clear sea exploring stunning coves and colorful towns and at the end of the day you can choose: trendiest and romantic restaurants or outdoors parties, incredible artistic events and crowded festivals and concerts. You’ll have everything you want and it will be hard to choose so you can take our tips.

Ibiza: Unlike what is believed this island is more than just parties and extravagant life. Nature lovers will be happy to know that it provides an excellent and diversified but fragile marine coastal ecosystem and it has amazing rural surroundings with an incredible opportunity to try, during your trips, an alternative lifestyle composed by organic farms, natural resources and a eco-friendly way of living. We can call it the other side of Ibiza, located on the East coast, where you can find dark sandy beaches, craggy hills, red soiled grounds and colorful inhabitants. Anyway the most peaceful sailing is on the West coast, from San Antonio to Es Vedra that is, someone says, “the third magnetic spot on the planet”, in fact many sailors say that navigational instrument tend to go haywire in the vicinity. If you like mysteries this could be the right place.

Formentera: a perfect location to take a break and recharge batteries and one of the most popular destinations for Europeans on their holidays trips and the reason is simple: the wonderful beaches and among them the best ones are: Migijorn, Illetes, Llevant. There are plenty of anchorages around the island and favorable conditions for sailing. Attractions are endless: trendy restaurants and bars, water sports activities such as snorkeling, windsurfing and scuba diving. You can enjoy the landscape also cycling through interesting paths and roads and you will discover the rare natural environment and charming places.

Discover our Ibiza and Formentera trips, browsing our proposals and get ready to sail your dreamy holiday with Sailsquare! Here are some holidays we suggest: