Swimwear for women: the sailing style

June 21, 2017

Which is the hottest swimwear for women this summer? Not sure what to wear during your sailing trip to a tropical, sunny and amazing destination? Here are some useful tips and the latest trends to choose the right outfit for a week on the water!
Every woman would want to be hot in every swimsuit style, and this is an extra motivation to spend the winter keeping fit and dreaming about the latest in summer swimwear trends. But which are, first of all, the main characteristics of a perfect swimwear? Above all a great wearability and quality materials. To best select a swimsuit in fact you need first to determine the practicality and the durability side as well as the right fabric, because each material fits differently in the water: as an example, the nylon is the common one and very strong with a quick drying power; lycra, instead, has a good elasticity and it’s very comfortable while cotton it is really natural but doesn’t stretch and it is not so durable.
Last but not the least the swimwear for women needs to have three great characteristics: sensuality, femininity and, especially on a sailboat, chic simplicity.


Swimwear for women: trends that make waves

Fun and sexy swimwear for women have walked the runway at the Miami Swim Fashion week that has dictated the buying habits of this year: bikinis are for you only if you’re confident of your body, otherwise the one-piece in many different forms and models had a major comeback. This last trend provide a sexy look to suit all body shapes and is better if worn with special and unique details such as: cutouts, mesh panels, lace-up sides.
Anyway, the swimwear for women comes in single and double pieces, off-the-shoulder and halter tops, perfect for a beach party and to combine to your outfit for a vibrant nightlife! Tops, with a wrap-around feature, are the winners, better if with asymmetric cuts that will get the blood boiling this summer!

Finally, among other big trends there are: high-cut one pieces, cutouts, lace and so on, while light colors, orange, coral, teal or pink are the most gorgeous as well as neutral tones. Yes, you have understood correctly: nude, the natural shade par excellence, is the stand out color for this year. However, as regards your outfit, you can combine your bikini with a white cotton dress, a kaftan or a classic t-shirt. So, what are you waiting for? Start your search now: what could make you happier than go out for shopping for the next vacation and an adventurous sailing trip with vacanza?
In any case, if you’re not a fashion addict you have only to remember that on the sailboat the most important thing is the comfort and the practicality, so a swimsuit with solid colors is almost perfect: the right strategy for your body and to looking good, is a bikini or a one-piece without pads to feel as natural as possible and for a simple lifestyle.


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