Traveling alone, an exciting experience

May 1, 2017

Traveling alone, an exciting experience

Traveling alone could be a brave and a scary decision or an amazing experience.
Paulo Coelho says: “Travel is not about money, it’s about courage”, and that is what we need to fit our life in a backpack and say hello to our friends and families, leaving for a solo travel, where sometimes the best companion is yourself.

Traveling alone, a unique adventure

Whether it is a sailing trip, to explore a new way to travel, a journey to a faraway country to discover its culture or to an urban metropolis to enjoy different trends, lifestyles or languages, traveling alone is first of all to let yourself be transported by the instinct and the journey itself. This can be easier than you might think, even when you’ve never done it before, because we know that it can be challenging to coordinate a trip with someone else, and when you are on your own you can do everything you want, everywhere, anytime. Finally it can be empowering, enjoying your time, you will gain self confidence and why not? You’ll make new friends with same interests, and your experience will be profound, unfiltered, immersive and truly fulfilling. Last but not least your will begin “at the end of your comfort zone”.

Solo travelers: who they are and why they choose to travel alone

They are called “solo travelers” and they like to travel alone around the world. According to a research their majority is composed, for the most part, of women (58,3%) who have plenty of courage and curiosity about life. Motivated by the desire to explore, mingle and share, they don’t think twice to leave at home husbands and companions, looking for a true sense of freedom that only a real trip, traveling alone, can offer.
In the world of tourism, the figures provided show that the solo travelers’ army is growing exponentially and they are people with such a strong desire to have an experience of this kind that are fully willing to do it alone.No matter what type of trip they choose or whether is a business trip, a travel coaching workshop or a completely relaxing all inclusive holiday, the solo travelers will stop at nothing and above all they courageously keep pursuing their dreams.
Research show that this market share, essentially feminine, usually prefers exotic or cultural trips and in contact with nature. Traveling solo is not only a lifestyle for those who are alone, paradoxically in fact people romantically linked to someone are more inclined to move away from loved ones to reconnect with the self.


What is the meaning of traveling alone?

Traveling alone means many things to many people, everyone has a different motivation to prepare the backpack, buy a Lonely planet guide, put some money in the pocket and leave. Most of the time people are guided by an internal question that is looking for an answer through the travel, sometimes they are aimed by a sense of freedom or independence, or they want to put themselves to the test. In other circumstances, undertaking a trip is an occasion to overcome difficult moments or simply take back their lives in their own hands.
The journey of solo travelers sometimes is transformed into a real path leading to a personal growth
through which is found the courage and the self-confidence.
Traveling alone make us wiser, because it favors the discovery of others and first of all ourselves, in an almost introspective way. The difficult moments of the trip ( such as to overcome fear, loneliness and unexpected events) are the highlights of the experience itself and become instruments of life, that enrich our own cultural and human knowledge.

Solo travelers also have in their favor the science: according to some studies, traveling alone help the self-esteem and makes the mind free, stimulating the tolerance and making the mind more flexible.
Those who are traveling alone are well aware that exploring new places in a solitary way is the best occasion to know a place and its traditions.
Anyway humans are social animals and need the presence of other people to survive, but in the spasmodic research of the companionship we are not able to acknowledge the benefits of loneliness (intended as the time to reflect on ourselves). There are moments in fact, for the mental health, it is important the reflection and the meditation, two techniques that contribute to reduce the stress.

Traveling alone sailing through the world: alone yet not alone

One of the most exciting and liberating journey is by far sailing through the world.
There are no programs to follow and rhythms to be kept: your own schedule is dictated by time and the jump from the tourist to the traveler is immediate.
Bewitched by that way of traveling into a perfect harmony with the place where we are: the smells, the colors, the smiles of the people who we meet for the first time remain indelibly more than any other souvenirs.
While in the eyes only flows the sea, slowly we discover ourselves and this means to accept our strengths, but above all the weak points, reaching the awareness that we are the only one traveling (and life) companion that we really have. All this without forgetting one of the best advantages of traveling alone: a chance to meet new and interesting human beings that otherwise we would never meet at home.
So we find ourselves sharing a restricted space on a sailboat with people who until recently we didn’t know: we will become more tolerant, less shy and more open to the socialization. Furthermore it is possible that a travel companion will become a solid friendship or maybe the love of our life: this not happens every day but it’s not so impossible!
Traveling alone (but with a company) is an experience you should try: as well as sharing an intense experience, you can enjoy breathtaking sunsets, diving with fishes, full moon nights in roadstead and heart-warming meetings precious even in the most difficult periods of your life.
And you will realize that the human contact helps you to discover a new side of yourself, transforming and considering aspects with which you had never succeeded to manage before.
You need to cast off, and if you are ready to face the risk, because the life, beyond the comfort line, is really amazing.