Women traveling together: why you should travel with your best friend

May 5, 2017

Women traveling together: why you should travel with your best friend

Women traveling together around the world, it doesn’t sound great?
If lately your life is very stressful, what better way to give yourself a holiday with your best friend?
The everyday life often forces us to give up on ourselves, jumping up and down and trying to balance work and kids, companions and husbands with whom we share our commitments and tasks.
Escaping from the distractions of women’s everyday life, getting away from all and traveling together your best friend is really a dream? Yes it is, because the holidays with friends are among the most fun and carefree that you can do: our friends know us so well, they complete and support us, who is better qualified?

Women traveling together, an incredible vacation from everything


It is statistically proven that women traveling together have in common the same dream: to find some time for themselves to live an all-female holiday.
According to research of Meta Comunicazione, as an example, 6 Italians women out of 10 want to break away from everyday worries for one or two weeks, surrounded by their all-time friends, forgetting about business, boyfriends, companions and possibly kids. Their status doesn’t matter: they can be single, engaged, married, mothers, young or not.
Women often travel together and among them is set a great atmosphere of mutual sharing, both in the organization of the same trip and during the whole holiday. Women in fact are able to share more than any man: all is shared, clothes, make-up, from the sensations to the emotions.
For a weekend, a week or a month, the watchword is “escape.” But from what? Bills to pay, clothes to iron, from a job of responsibility or the university, from the daily family life.
If you ever feel this need, do it. With your best friend as in the movie Thelma & Louise or in a group of people, strictly women, traveling together without guilt or fear, thoughts, make-up, heels and watches, in search of unparalleled emotions, enjoying a journey that will be unforgettable.

Women traveling together, travel tips

For women traveling together there are popular destinations, that seem made precisely for you and your friends. Places where you can shop without guilt, places such as Spas reserved exclusively for ladies, where you can be pampered with relaxing massages or places where simply you feel at home.
Some advice? You’ll be spoiled for choice!
Ibiza is the right choice for those who want to spend a few days of transgression or just want shaking and rocking on the dance floor. You can enjoy the hot party beaches of the Island and a sunset cocktail.
Formentera instead is the right mix between a crystal clear sea and the relaxation, but also nightclubs and music venues.
Tenerife is the ideal destination to immerse yourself in the wilderness discovering the volcanoes of the Canary Islands and enjoying the contrasting colors of turquoise waters and volcanic beaches.
How can we not think about Greece? The Cyclades for parties, the Ionian islands for the bright colors and the transparent and fresh water, or the beautiful Crete, which has a lot to offer for its ancient culture, its traditional cuisine and its natural surroundings.
Located in the Gulf of Naples, Ischia is famous not only for its beaches, for its ancient history of healing thermal springs. A perfect destination where to be pampered with beauty enjoy beauty treatments and massages, and enjoy the natural spectacle. Favignana, a jewel of Egadi islands, is an excellent destination where to enjoy the nature together with friends, with a refreshing bath among the most beautiful beaches of Cala Rossa and Cala Azzurra.