Mykonos events 2017: parties and concerts

May 22, 2017

Mykonos events 2017: parties and concerts

Are you already wondering about Mykonos events 2017 and party schedules of this summer? This cosmopolite island that attracts many tourists is full of attractions and rich in surprises for the youngest but you will find people of all kinds such as writers, celebrities, models, musicians and much more! During the hot season there are the most trendy full moon parties and the most popular clubs will perform mainly dance hits, with popular DJs and a great music of all kinds. While during the day you will be busy sailing around the island on pristine and blue waters and relaxing on the sandy and beautiful beaches, in the evening the fun is only just at the beginning. Already tired? We hope not, because there are many fun things in Mykonos that are waiting for you! Pack your bag and get on board with Sailsquare: it’s not just a sailing holiday but a great experience also for water sports, wilderness and latest fashion lovers: here shops are open past midnight.


Mykonos events 2107: nightclubs and pure vibrations

Before celebrating Mykonos event 2017 what could be better than a fabulous cocktail enjoying the sunset with your new friends and the crew at the overcrowded and iconic Caprice in the little Venice? It is a waterfront bar with a very good music to start your evening. If you are looking for other meeting points you will be spoilt for the choice but the best known are: Scarpa, Alley, Semeli, Scandinavian, Queen of Mykonos, Jackie O’, the alternative Galleraki and Kalua where the motto is “every day is a beach party”. The Super beach paradise is another trendy spot where to dance all day long. Mykonos events 2017 will start in June opening the hot season (best months: July/August). So prepare to get dressed up and to enjoy the seductive charm of this island! Cavo Paradiso, nestled in the natural beauty of Mykonos surrounds, by the edge of a 150 feet cliff, over the Aegean sea, is an open air venue with a stunning architecture. Here you will find the hottest parties and the best DJs, while the opening is on the schedule for May 13 2017.
Other spots that will be hosting the best 2017 events are the Tropicana at Paradise beach, with people from all over the world, a funky atmosphere and extravagant parties that have made its history. The fun starts at 16:30 in the afternoon and continue until late at night. The grand opening party is on 27 April. Last but not least the Room 101 and the Notorious bars: the first one is perfect if you are looking for a little funky and a deep vocal house on the mix and the second one for live rock music entertainment.
Were you up late last night? Before to get back on board a last step: a reinvigorating breakfast at the Old Port, where you can also buy some fresh fishes and vegetables to cook on board for a very special and delicious dinner! But pay attention, another day is coming. Be ready to sail and put the sails in position to catch the wind, the sun is already high in the sky.