Sailing along: Everything you need to know about it

November 2, 2021

Sailing with a skipper: the benefits of sailing along and everything you need to know about it

Sailing along on a sailing trip is the perfect choice. It is suitable for both novice sailors and experienced sailors. Sailing has many advantages and has its own special charm.

The advantages of sailing along

To begin with, we have summarized the main advantages of sailing along, which you can use to determine for yourself whether sailing with a skipper is right for you or not.

  • Flexible number of travelers

You can come on board alone or with your whole family or friends. By sailing along you have all the flexibility and do not necessarily have to put together your own crew.

  • Save money

The costs are divided among all fellow sailors on a Mitsegel-Törn. Das macht es möglich bereits ab 400€ pro Person eine Woche mit an Bord zu kommen. Ein Segelwochenende ist bereits ab 100€ möglich.

  • Skipper takes responsibility

Anyone who charters a boat bears the responsibility for it. Especially in an unknown sailing area this is often too risky even for experienced sailors. Sailing along allows you to discover new sailing areas and to learn under different wind and weather conditions.

  • Sailing for every level

Sailing along is perfect for people who are coming aboard a sailboat for the first time. They can sit back, relax and learn from their experienced skipper. Those who are already advanced can take the helm themselves and expand their knowledge.

  • Unique experience

Sailsquare sailing trips are organized by local skippers who know the sailing areas like the back of their hands. They will tell you the secret tips of the locals and enable you to see your vacation destination with different eyes.

For sailing beginners who have never been on board a boat and do not have an exact idea of sailing along, we want to explain the principle of sailing along and give answers to the most common questions.



What does sailing along mean?

Co-sailing describes the opportunity to come on board and sail together with a boat owner and/or experienced skipper. You don’t need to have any sailing experience and you don’t have to worry about the charter, insurance or the responsibility of a self-hired boat. This advantage use both people who want to sniff the sea air on a sailboat for the first time, as well as experienced sailors who the charter of a boat in their desired vacation destination is too expensive, risky or elaborate.


Who sails with me?

The advantage of sailing with us is that you can reserve just a berth, a place on board or even the whole boat. When you travel alone, you accompany the skipper and the rest of the crew on a sailing trip. The rest of the crew is made up of other sailors who may or may not know each other. It is this aspect that makes sailing a social experience. You get to know other people from different countries, experience an adventure at sea together with them and return with unforgettable experiences and new friends.

All sailors have one thing in common: they love the sea and freedom. Everyone has exciting stories to tell from trips already experienced. When eating together, swimming or having an aperitif on board you get to know each other super fast and enjoy the relaxed vacation atmosphere.

If you travel with your partner or friends, you can reserve several places on board or rent the whole boat for you. Your experienced skipper will take charge, you can sit back and let the fresh sea breeze blow through your hair.


Who is my skipper?

When you sail with a private skipper like the one at Sailsquare, you have a professional sailor at your side who knows the area like the back of his hand. Your skipper knows about the dangers and the degree of difficulty of your sailing destination and can assess them well.

At the same time, your skipper is your guide. He takes you to the most beautiful places of your destination and tells you the secret tips of the locals. This is what distinguishes private sailing from yacht charter. Sailing along is a unique experience with individual charm. A mere yacht charter means responsibility, intensive preparation and high costs.


Sailing along: The Top Destinations

The favorite sailing destinations are located in the Mediterranean Sea. Especially the Mediterranean Sea offers countless areas with numerous options to sail along. From Croatia, Greece to Sardinia, the Mediterranean region has beautiful areas to offer, which are very popular, especially because of the easy journey.

1. Greece

Co-sailing in Greece is perfect for island hopping. The country offers diverse impressive landscapes and beautiful beaches. In addition, a sailing trip in Greece is worth immersing yourself in the country’s culture and cuisine, as well as its numerous traditions. Let your local skipper show you the best tavernas of the country and anchor in secluded bays during the day. Between the Greek islands you will always find opportunities to sail along, as this region is famous and popular among skippers.

2. Croatia

Those who want to sail privately in Croatia will also find a wide range of skippers who are happy to take guests on board. Croatia attracts thousands of sailors year after year with its scenic diversity and numerous island archipelagos. The region is perfect especially for families and beginners, as it is largely simple sailing areas..

3. Italy

One of the best spot in Italy is Sardinia: with its almost Caribbean beaches and crystal clear water, it is especially recommended to come on board here during a sailing trip. Moreover, if you sail with a professional skipper in Sardinia, you don’t have to worry about the sporting sailing conditions and you can let your skipper take the responsibility. Other popular sailing areas for sailing in Italy are Elba, Sicily as well as Lake Garda. 

4. Spain

For a co-sailing trip in Spain, the Balearic Islands are particularly recommended. There are numerous Mitsegelangebote here around Mallorca as well as Ibiza. The most popular German islands have also become famous among sailors. Mitsegeln on Mallorca is the perfect opportunity and the beautiful island away from mass tourism to discover.

North Sea and Baltic Sea

The North Sea is considered a very demanding sailing area and requires a lot of experience of a skipper. The Baltic Sea, on the other hand, is a calmer sailing area that is also suitable for beginners. Those who want to experience a sailing trip on the German North Sea coast should take into account that sailing experience is absolutely necessary due to the wind and weather conditions. For sailing beginners, sailing on the North Sea is recommended.