Sailing and kitesurfing holidays: wind and weaves.

May 19, 2017

Sailing and kitesurfing holidays: wind and waves

Have you ever thought how sailing and kitesurfing holidays could be? Two great activities together across big waves, with the power of the wind, in a crystal water beneath a blue sky, that is amazing isn’t it? But what have in common a sailboat and the kiteboarding? The wind of course and both are surface water sports. So why not combine the passion for sailing with the desire to experience an ecological, cool and adrenaline activity during your holidays? And after the “glide” over the sea, back on board, be ready to be transported by the wind, to a new destination.
But what exactly is the kitesurfing? It is a new sailing sport, born in 1999 as a variant of surfing and means, quite simply, be carried by a kite that uses the wind as driving force. It uses standard surfboards or boards shaped specifically for the purpose which “glide” on the water and there are so many styles evolving, such as the course racing, the park riding, the freestyle… and still more!
The key elements on which this sport is based are the wind and the sea and you need some basic equipment including a board that allows amazing jumps, often involving real acrobatics. Anyone can practice it because it does not require any physical strength as it uses the kinetic force.


Sailing and kitesurfing holidays: glides and rides

So, what to choose? sailing or kitesurfing holidays?
And then Windsurfing vs Kitesurfing, which is better?
First of all, the kitesurfing, this new trend, is more easy than the windsurfing, characteristic that has facilitated, in recent years, the expansion of this new water sport. In addition to the convenience of the equipment, you can easily learn to plane and ride on the water. That’s why the number of practitioners has been visibly increasing in the last years. While in fact the windsurfing requires technical and athletic skills, the kitesurfing on the contrary, has enabled a wide audience of newbies to try it even in quite challenging weather conditions.
Although the two sports can be connected, they are not equal and can not be compared. Understanding what is better between kitesurfing and windsurfing is a bit like to decide between a bicycle and a motorbike: although both are provided with two wheels in fact, each one provides different performances and emotions.


Sailing and kitesurfing holidays: best places to practice

At the very first place for sailing and kitesurfing holidays there are the islands of Hawaii, where the kitesurfing is born, precisely at the Maui island. Following the famous destinations where the wind is the master, we find the Canary Islands identified with Fuerteventura and Andalusia, and specifically Tarifa where sailing is amazing and the experience is magical. A popular destination for wind sports and perfect holidays .
In Southern Africa, there is the beautiful Cape Verde, a windy place from December to May with perfect conditions for beginners and intermediates who are looking for waves. Moving in the Greek Islands, you should not miss the islands of Rhodes, Kos and Paros. If you would rather stay in one of the most beautiful country, in Italy there is the undoubtedly charming Sicily, where the flat water, the warm and the pleasant temperatures from March to November and two different wind systems, make this island a paradise for your kite and sailing holidays!