Sailing around the world with friends, a unique holiday experience

June 26, 2017

Sailing around the world is a big adventure, a great opportunity to explore the most celebrated destinations, exotic landscapes or wild places to discover the beautiful secrets of our planet and learn how to live in the open sea, when waves and winds are the only masters of the present moment. Consider how explorers in the past, during the Age of Discovery, have been sailing around the world allowing distant continents and islands to be mapped and proving beyond doubt that our planet is round (and undoubtedly it is!). Perhaps we won’t travel like them, for miles and miles and months, or years, but if we’ll find the right boat there will still be a chance. We’ll learn new things, and maybe during the sunset, out of the sea, talking about the weather or cooking for the dinner we’ll meet new friends, the special ones, that will help us to understand a different part of us. Yes, it sounds like a poem, but finally is what sailing is.

Sailing around the world, a metaphor for life and love?

Sailing around the world with Sailsquare means also new friends and new loves and in short a new lifestyle that is waiting for you at the boarding dock. With the smiles of the people that will surround you on the boat, with a great deal of enthusiasm and the desire to have fun you will be absolutely happy. The first impact action will be a handshake but the last day will be a deeper embrace like you have known each other for years. Because sailing is a great adventure, a perfect mix of relaxation, exploration and fun in Europe, Asia or the Caribbean or around the Indonesian archipelago or why not? the world’s sunniest sailing spots where the marine fauna and the wildlife meets pristine beaches and waters r ancient ruins, you’ll be spoilt for choice! And soon you’ll fall in love not only with the sea but with the wind and all the natural elements. You’ll learn the balance, properly setting the sails to capture the wind: the same thing that you need when you’re in a relationship, to fix problems and recreate a better one situation.

Sailing around the world a unique experience anywhere, anytime

Sailing around the world, together with other people it is always a shared experience.
The sailboat and especially sailing have a driving force able to influence and create values, attitudes and emotions, to always obtain an agreement, conciliating the diverging personalities of the crew. In fact, working together, every single day, putting your life in each other’s hands, knowing and learning from each other again, on the same space creates unique moments of common experiences and you will be grateful for that. While you’re sailing there are no ages, no social positions, no careers: you simply are on the same ship.

Imagine now, this kind of situation multiplied by the number of the ships and that one of the days of the trip. The Flotilla is that kind of sailing holiday where more boats and thus more crews, are organized to sail and navigate together, where the happy hours are celebrated jumping from one sailboat to another one, meeting new people every day. And maybe among them you will find someone very special!
Discover all the available flotillas and get on board!