A sailing holiday is good for you: 5 scientific reasons to prove it.

April 22, 2016

It always feels good when coming back from a holiday, especially if it was a sailing holiday (a Sailsquare holiday, of course!) Have you ever wondered why? Maybe this phenomenon could be explained with a scientific reason… and that’s exactly how it goes: a study carried out in ten years of research has demonstrated that water releases chemicals related to happiness such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. Let’s learn more about the 5 reasons why you should be at the seaside more often, not only by summer but also during the year.

1. His majesty the sea, a relaxing view


According to a study, you just need to watch the sea to get calmer at a subconscious level: watching images of a seaside landscape activates the parts of our brain associated to positive behaviour, emotional stability and retrieval of positive memories.

2. Natural landscapes stimulate tired minds

A study dated back to 1995 and published on Environmental Psychology analyzed the level of performance and concentration related to two groups of students: the former was assigned rooms overlooking the sea, whereas the latter had rooms overlooking urban views. Not only recorded the first group better results, but also it demonstrated a stronger concentration ability.

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4. Sea breeze is healthier

It’s a type of air full of mineral salts that our body is able to assimilate though respiration. Experts recommend to breathe in deeply salty air, especially when the sea is wavy, as the waves release more often particles of sodium chloride, magnesium, iodine and potassium.

3. Water makes happier


According to a survey carried out with Mappiness (more than a million answers), people are more relaxed when staying outdoors, with an increase of 5.2% when approaching to any water body.

5. The colour blue triggers peace and relieve.


From a physical point of view, the colour blue slows down vegetative functions, such as cardiac and breathing rhythm as well as blood pressure. In fact, if you try to stay in a blue room, your heartbeat will slow down and the objects will seem littler and lighter. From a psychological point of view, this colour represents peacefulness, satisfaction and inner harmony.
After this article you will be curious to discover if all these scientific reasons are true… We guess it’s high time to experience your sailing holiday to restore, smile and collect new unforgettable memories.