Sailing yoga holidays, a healthy retreat for your soul

May 10, 2017

Sailing yoga holidays, a healthy retreat for your soul

Wellness is a subjective concept, because for each of us there are some slight differences. Anyway in broad terms we can say that the wellness word is usually and immediately associated with the idea of ​​a refreshing and invigorating vacation. Perhaps just what you need …and we can suggest you something really special as sailing yoga holidays.
Sailing yoga holidays: three words that combine a unique sensory experience where emotions, relaxation, physical activity and harmony converge in an ancient practice and a modern discipline. Close your eyes and think: breathing exercises during a beautiful sunset, stretching your body on a white sandy beach or on the sailboat or a great workout for your body before a great dinner. No matter which exercise you choose, according to experts the physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. So, sail your soul and discover this world!

Sailing yoga holidays: two worlds one soul

Sailing Yoga holidays are for those who love sport, to get in touch with their body and, of course, are also a sailing experience on the sea among pristine waters and breathtaking natural landscapes.
Yoga is born in India and is a very ancient practice, and is currently gaining ground worldwide as an effective training to improve the quality of life, ensuring the correct posture and helping to develop physical and mental strength.


There is a strong link between yoga and nature, already enclosed in its ancient origins: first of all yoga creates a perfect balance of your body: working in contact with the nature and with its forces this technique takes to your true nature. Furthermore it can be practiced anywhere or anytime: it is also great on a sailboat or useful against the seasickness and it can help the crew get mentally engaged. A sailing yoga holiday can be a unique sensory experience and very intense, associating
the exercise with the view of an immense blue ocean. The sea, thanks to its sounds and its colors, becomes a valuable ally, which allows a complete regeneration.

Sailing and well-being holidays: yacht massage and Spas service

Sailing and well-being: try to imagine a relaxing massage on board, a floating Spa, the luxury to just think about nothing, closing the day with a sunset yoga and a meditation to calm the mind. It is not a dream, our wellness and sailing holidays will take care of everything.

Too often our everyday fast life does not allow to have moments of leisure just for us and that’s why holidays become the right and perfect moment for more pleasant things, above all our physical and mental relaxation.

Imagine yourself away from the stress and the daily crowd, in the middle of the sea, next to a drink and the person you love, or your closest friends. Around you only the sea that caress the boat and the wind that blows in your hair. Maybe enjoying a yoga position with your legs up the mast, stretching the backs of the neck, creating a core stability, or just relaxing with a great massage or with a natural facial mask. The perfect way to take time to care of ourselves and why not, at the same time of others.
The wellness sailing holidays with masseuses are one of the eight wonders of the world: you will be pampered like never before: a real Spa that moves thanks to the wind, in contact with nature, under a sky every time new and different, dominated by the deep colors of sea.

Sail and spas,Italy and other well-being oasis

Finally what about the possibility of being able to sail in a fabulous place, where, once landed, there is the possibility to enjoy hot springs? Or combining the sailing holidays with a beautiful place of well-being par excellence? In Italy there are some places that have become famous thanks to the presence of prestigious thermal Spas as Montecatini and Chianciano in Tuscany, Abano in Veneto, Ischia in Campania, Fiuggi in Lazio and Salsomaggiore in Emilia Romagna.
And if you want to leave Italy, impossible to forget the glamorous Spa of Portorose, in the beautiful Croatia. Some ideas: