Sailsquare takes the sharing economy to the sea: let’s go sailing!

April 14, 2017

The sharing economy on the sea: let’s go sailing with Sailsquare

Sailsquare takes the sharing economy to sea, allowing you to share a boat with your friends or other sea lovers! Are you thinking about it? It sounds like a dream? All this today is possible with a click, directly at home. What we are talking about?
First of all, the sharing economy is a new economic business which aims to meet the challenges of the new millennium, focusing on the real needs of consumers and promoting new forms of consumption, smarter, more social, less expensive and affordable for everyone.Think about it. Day trips and mini cruises thanks to a service that brings together people with same interests, aiming to help those who have a boat and acting as an intermediary to rent out something they are not using.

The figures provided show that today the sharing economy is an increasingly growing trend that will become a major part of the global economy. Just started about ten years ago it has realized a true boom only in recent years. It has taken hold in the northern Europe (Germany and Britain) registering more than 50 operating companies in the market, followed by Spain and Netherlands. Today, Italy, is among the top three countries for the number of users, and the most active and operative regions are in the North. This is how Sailsquare took its shape: combining the passion of sailing with the digital world and organizing sailing holidays across the world, allowing people, through a social experience, to share a travel using its platform.

Sailing with Sailsquare discovering the sharing economy

Sailing with Sailsquare you will discover three magical words, such as sharing, saving and technology, that also are trending topic of a new business which have taken place over the recent years. This has satisfied the needs of many users through intelligent forms of sharing, making an extensive use of technology in a fast and easy way, while building social links between individuals more often strangers to each other.
The sharing economy has, as a priority, conscious forms of consumption based on the reuse instead of the purchase: companies and individuals make available assets to create a true network of ‘circular’ relationships. By the way are promoted fair trade and different lifestyles that highlight the importance of saving and encourage the socialization, conditioning or better changing the future of the business and the economy.


According to some studies, five areas are making the best use of this business: transports, domestic services, on-demand professional services, tourism and collaborative finance.
Among the more popular there are: Blablacar that allows sharing rides and travels by car, Airbnb, a platform created to rent rooms and apartments, BikeMi and Carg2go that allows renting bikes and cars, paying for the effective usage. The most particular ones are Gnammo, a “social eating system” through which you can organize lunches and dinners at home or in many locations. Last but not least Fubles that allows you to participate in football games organized in a city and LocLoc through which you can rent objects and useful tools even only for one day.
On this sharing model is also based Sailsquare, a startup founded 4 years ago, thanks to the commitment of two businessmen, with the courage to dare to go further, facing the risk and making this new business model a real and true corporate’s reality.

When the passion turns into a business: Sailsquare and the boat sharing

Simone Marini (IT expert) and Riccardo Boatti (communication expert) have been friends for decades: they are both lovers of the sea and the sailing and very ambitious. Fascinated by the idea of ​​following the boom of the sharing economy on the one hand and driven by a great passion and the desire to do something revolutionary in the tourism sector on the other hand they have decided to undertake this project. Today, thanks to Sailsquare and the sharing economy, even a sailing holiday becomes “social”, allowing you to share a sailboat and plan the holidays freely choosing the budget, the destination and the type of boat … just a few clicks and “les jeux sont faits” !
The greatest strength of Sailsquare is the experience that is possible to live on the sea, full of relaxation, sport’s activities and fun, depending on tastes. The final user chooses the preferred modality: skippers and people are in direct communication on the platform where are stored and publicized many and different itineraries from the Mediterranean (Italy, Croatia, Greece, Spain and France) to the overseas destinations such as Seychelles and the Caribbean sea, but also adventurous trips as Greenland or Patagonia.


Finally, Sailsquare has been created with two specific aims: to reduce costs, making the sailing tourism accessible to all, helping to create unique and out of the ordinary experiences.