Slow Tourism: taking the time to enjoy

October 25, 2021

We all need to take a break from the routine by traveling. Only with the increase in the world’s population and the increase in travel, tourism has also become a real source of environmental degradation and a race to consumerism. But, if you are concerned about your ecological footprint, many alternatives exist. A movement has been initiated that goes against mass tourism: slow tourism. Because vacations can be a moment of escape, discovery, exchange while minimizing the impact on the environment and respecting the local population. Sailboat cruises are part of these alternatives. 

Slow tourism: traveling differently

Slow tourism is a concept that emerged in the 2000s. In the same way that slow food is opposed to fast food, slow tourism is a way of traveling at a slower pace and off the beaten path, on the bangs of the majority of offers proposed in the tourism industry in recent years.

Living a slow vacation is first and foremost about adopting a new state of mind by listening to one’s deepest aspirations and by designing a trip that truly resembles us and respects our values. Then integrating slow tourism into one’s lifestyle is also offering oneself real adventures. Multiple alternatives are possible to travel differently. Sailboat cruises are one of them!

The motivations for practicing slow tourism

To have an authentic experience

Soak in rather than just be a spectator. Set sail to discover, learn new things and explore the destination you’re visiting in depth. Sailboat cruises allow you to embrace a spirit of exploration and experience authentic moments like sailing at night with the moon and fluorescent plankton glowing around the boat. The Sailsquare skippers, in addition to playing a central role in the organization of life on board, know their sailing area extremely well and make you discover with passionthe sailing, the local culture and their little corners of paradise. The goal being to make you live a unique experience at sea.

Take your time

Give yourself the moment, and enjoy it, this is what slow tourism advocates. At a time when everything is going very fast, when we need to do as many activities as possible, we sometimes need to slow down and lift our feet. This state of mind relies on a new luxury, that of taking one’s time. For those who have never experienced it, it must be difficult to imagine a moment of total disconnection. We often tell ourselves during the vacations that we are going to rest, to disconnect… in reality, it is very often the opposite that happens. On a sailboat, in the middle of the ocean we find this luxury. Propelled simply by the sails, a sailboat sometimes sails slowly on a deep blue sea. What one comes to look for on the open sea is plenitude, contemplation and closeness to nature. “Taking one’s time” is also an excellent way to de-stress from daily life, to regulate one’s internal clock put to work throughout the year.

Having a taste for the unexpected

The slow traveler also has a taste for improvisation. To do slow tourism isto flee from entirely pre-planned routes that leave no room for imagination, the unexpected and wandering. He prefers to let himself be carried along by the current, ready to take a side road or make an impromptu stopover if the opportunity arises. The idea is to give time a chance and discover unsuspected places. The taste for the unexpected also characterizes sailboat cruises well. Indeed, sailing on a sailboat can vary according to the whims of the elements. It also allows you to stay longer in the places that you like and inspire you and quickly leave the ones you like less.

Reduce your carbon footprint on vacation

Slow tourism invites people to be more eco-responsible and environmentally sensitive. In other words, to be aware of one’s impact on the environment when traveling. So it’s about thinking about respectful mobility. We often talk about bicycles, horses, trains, but we often forget about sailboats, which are means of transportation with very low ecological impact. On a sailboat, a micro-society is set up, codified by the economy of water, energy and food reserves (for long crossings). Resources are to be used with moderation. Like those offered by our planet. It is not possible on a sailboat to take long showers, to leave the lights on, to stay for hours in front of a screen… Moreover, unlike a house, the number of electrical appliances is generally low: no TV, washing machine, dishwasher…