Team building on a sailboat: an original idea for start-ups

October 29, 2021

Sailing team building: a unique weekend to share common values

Surpassing oneself, cohesion, anticipation, team spirit, organization…What better than a weekend on a sailboat for an effective team building. Because embarking for a sailing team building is embarking for a unique moment of sharing and team cohesion between collaborators or colleagues. Because on this small reduced surface, it is the whole crew that will have to collaborate and work together to take the boat to a safe harbor. Supported by professional skippers, everyone will then have to participate in the maneuvers and life of the sailboat to be able to sail in good conditions.

A team building on a sailboat is an excellent exercise to communicate a corporate culture and common values within a group. Together, we discover the importance of coordination, organization or even teamwork… Values that we find in many situations of daily life and within a company.

Team building sailing: an experience for all budgets and levels

And no need to panic for those who have never sailed before! You don’t have to be an old sea dog to get on board. Sailboat cruises are open to all levels, experienced and beginners alike.
Easy to organize and accessible to all budgets, a team-building on a sailboat is an unprecedented experience that is sure to go down in the annals of your business. And don’t worry about the sailboat space either. Whether you are 5 or 20 to participate in this skippered sailboat cruise, you will be able to book an entire boat or several without worry.

Team building sailing: a multitudes of experiences and destinations

For adventure buffs and thrill seekers, board a regatta. A regatta is a race at sea of several sailboats. The challenge you will have to take up: sail as fast as possible to win the race ! Take advantage of a weekend away from work to outdo yourself as a group and experience a moment of intense excitement.

Want to enjoy the pleasures of the sea with colleagues? Relaxed sailboat cruises are for you. Porquerolles, Hyères, or Côte d’Azur: embark on a cruise with skipper for an original team building from many destinations in France. A moment of pure relaxation to recharge your batteries,strengthen team cohesion and get to know your colleagues. 

Learning to Sail? The best way to strengthen a team’s bond . On the sailboat with the help of the precious advice of a passionate skipper, your crew learns step by step the basic maneuvers: From the Atlantic coast to the coasts of Brittany and Normandy, learning to sail has never been so useful to face crisis situations. Mutual aid, coordination and involvement will be the key words of this sailing team building.