Yoga retreat & Sailing: how to stay in shape on a boat

August 7, 2017

Yoga retreat and Sailing holiday: how to stay in shape on a boat

Experience a unique yoga retreat by joining a sailing holiday with Sailsquare around the world or to your favorite destination, relaxing and keeping in shape! If your lifestyle is purifying the mind and keeping you body healthy away from the stress of the everyday routine, and yoga is an integral part of your life this could be a great experience. Try to imagine a retreat in direct contact with natural elements: your breath in and out and the wind in your hair in synchronicity with your movements and waves, along the ocean, isn’t wonderful? And at the end is not yoga the best tool to help us navigate our life? Isn’t all about entering, leaving, arriving and departing? So what are you waiting for? Take your mat: you will have a space large enough to roll it out, and join us for a special yoga retreat, practicing this ancient art on a sailboat.

Yoga retreat and sailing holiday: traveling and fitness

A yoga retreat together with a sailing holiday is more than a vacation. A pristine and blue sea, silent and quiet bays where you can enjoy stunning sunsets while you are increasing balance, muscles and strength, are the ideal mix to keep your mind active, aware and your body healthy in a smoothly and slowly way, as you like.

In addition sailing is a therapeutic outdoor activity with a decisive impact on emotions and social abilities. The research has shown how this sport can improve the quality of life as well as the sea water benefits are endless: it cleans you skin, strengthens the immune systems, restores calm and reduces anxiety. A sailing holiday and a retreat have positive effects for all ages and conditions: the natural rhythms help us to rebalance, involving the constant and direct feeling of the nature. Every day on a boat is a change: different beaches, bays and coves, new and interesting people, cultures and tradition, all things that keep our mind open.

You’ve probably wondered if on the sailboat there is enough space to move and practice yoga onboard. Yes, it could be a tiny home but if you can do yoga on a mat you can do it on the sailboat as well and you know yoga can be practiced anywhere and anytime, even at the helm! Here is an example: Boat pose (Sanskrit name: Navasana) easy also for kids. Sit at the bow with a tall spine and your legs bent. Lean back slightly, look at the sea and take your arms straight, in front of you, tighten your belly and pretend to be a boat, a ship, a huge vessel…This exercise invigorates the body, helps to relieve stress and improve the digestion!

By the way, what about the food for your yoga retreat and the sailing holiday? Don’t worry, before leaving the harbor remember to plan your galley provisioning choosing organic and eco-friendly foods and products. If you prefer vegetables choose those with a long a life and that can survive days without a refrigeration or buy nets to store them in a ventilated area: in the kitchen there is the fridge but is little, so don’t buy more than you need. “Less is more” is consistent with the sailing and with the yoga. So try to don’t get in a load o asanas practices, you just have to slow down, breathe and relax, this holiday will be a unique adventure.

Choose a yoga retreat and a sailing holiday with Sailsquare and take your time: more than a hundred of destinations are waiting to be discovered!