Renato and Luciana: how a sailing experience can change your life forever

March 29, 2018

Here we tell the tale of two sailing enthusiasts, who decided to depart on a sailing adventure in the Greek Islands with a group of people they didn’t know – and how this experience in the Dodecanese went on to change the course of their lives forever.

The Greek sailing adventure where it all began

This adventure in the Dodecanese has been shaped by a genuine love story between Renato and Luciana. The story begins in Capraia and has since moved onto the Greek Islands, after a stop in Zanzibar. In the beginning it was the magic atmosphere of a sailing weekend among people who didn’t know each other, just like a Sailsquare experience. Sometimes love strikes quick, and changes the course of your life forever – this was the case with Renato an Luciana.

Choosing the lifestyle that suits you

Renato and Luciana were, and are quite similar – they both love to travel and embark on adventures, try new food, by slightly foolish, and make decisions in life off of instinct. After a year together they decide to get married on a beach in their beloved Zanzibar.

Destiny later took them to live an incredible chapter of their story in Zanzibar, whey they became managers of a boutique hotel in the centre of the city. After a year in this job, they begin to miss the freedom of the sea, so they decided to return home – back to where it all began. This is the place they continue their sailing life today, and where they founded the project “Profondo Mare” with their boat Queen II.

They have now been sailing in Greece for many years together, and have revealed some of their hard-earned secrets in an article here on the Sailsquare blog!