ALOTS: Episode 4 – A sailing & hiking weekend adventure in Italy


written by Saxon • April 20, 2019

A weekend of adventure in Italy

In A Lens Over The Sea, Alyzée Joy Montana, Sailsquare’s international reporter, travels the world by sailboat, and reports her adventures with skippers and crews along the way.

In episode 4 of A Lens Over Sea, Alyzée is in awe of what can be done in a weekend, as she explores Elba Island with her crew.

The story of Alyzée Joy Montana

Alyzée Joy Montana joined Sailsquare in 2018. At 26, she landed the coolest job in the world, from over 3,000 applicants. Equipped with her travel gear, cameras, and drone, her main mission is to reveal and inspire the magic of accessible sailing holidays. A new way of travel. No longer reserved for the rich or experts. Read her story in full.

Episode 4