Cruise Cuba on a catamaran: pure Caribbean life!

July 12, 2021

Ah, the sweet life of the Caribbean on a catamaran cruise to Cuba: a dream of rum, white sand and coconuts!

You know the best thing about a Cuba catamaran cruise?That it allows you to explore even the most remote reefs in this busy part of the world. Practically a ticket to undiscovered paradises, which will make you feel like areal VIP on his private beach. .

And then the extraordinary beauty of these places, to which not even postcards can do justice!

These paradise islands are the realm of perpetual summer, which really makes your mouth water, especially in our cold European winters. So, to escape your routine, why don’t you embark with me on a catamaran to Cuba for a few moments?

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What is everyday life really like on board a catamaran in the Caribbean?

Well, it all starts with the sweetest of awakenings: that of the gentle sound of the sea echoing off the hull of the catamaran. The trade winds gradually rise in the bay of Cayo Largo, and a gentle movement timidly cradles our boat. The temperature inside the cabin, warmed by the tropical sun, has risen a couple of degrees – time to get out of bed!


This morning I don’t feel like going the long way round, down the stairs; I decide to go straight out through the porthole above my head! Like a fox emerging from its lair, I find myself on the bow of the catamaran looking at the horizon. There, the landscape around me leaves me breathless: the water is so blue that it blurs into the sky, there is no end in sight. In the distance, my eyes catch a glimpse of a golden strip: a beach of sand as white as snow. And to crown it all, coconut palms in the most incredible shapes decorate this postcard. A dream location, indeed.

Impatient, I don’t even stop to say hello to the rest of the crew, who are busy preparing breakfast aft. I dive straight from the bow into the infinite blue…what a treat!


There’s no need to fear a thermal shock, on the contrary: the water temperature is around 29 degrees. That’s outrageous – not even refreshing! But as an alarm clock, it’s unbeatable. I open my arms and legs and play dead, contemplating this cloudless blue sky: it promises to be a beautiful day. I breathe in the scent of my daily life in the Caribbean.

I swim between the two hulls of the catamaran and in a few strokes reach the back of the boat, where the crew is having breakfast. The smell of hot coffee whets my appetite. As soon as I get back on board, the light breeze covers my skin with a shiver, and Tommaso hands me a towel warmed by the sun. I join them, enjoyingthis morning that couldn’t be more relaxing.

No urban stress, no honking, goodbye to public transport, the hustle and bustle of the city, sad faces in the streets and bad weather. Here, the runny nose and cold watery eyes are just a memory. Only the warmth and the gentle breeze of the trade winds will influence your day.

Discovering paradise

Today’s programme, during my catamaran cruise to Cuba, is total relaxation: after sailing for 6 hours yesterday, we can now fully enjoy this paradise.

Some decide to relax by reading a good book, others try to get to the beach, and me…well, I opt for an aquatic exploration! I dive in search of new underwater adventures.

The seabed is quite regular here. Obviously a carpet of white sand characterises this expanse of turquoise sea. I move a little further away and something enters my field of vision: a beautiful starfish breaks the monotony, and then another, and another… there are so many of them!


In this starry field, a triangular silhouette draws my attention. It flies among the stars as only this fish can: it doesn’t swim, it soars! I almost forget that I am in the water. With its long, half-bird wings, it overshadows my stars. As I get closer, I see a long protuberance protruding from its back. It is a pastinaca, or stingray. I have to be careful and approach it with caution: its sting is very poisonous.


I’m fascinated, and naturally the reckless part of me wants to join her in the swim, as I did with the sea turtle in the Seychelles; after a few dives I’m tired and I get lost: it’s a really fast race!.

On my way back to the boat, I see our skipper in the tender returning from the beach, where he has gone to collect the rest of the crew. It’s midday and so it’s time for…an aperitif! (of course, what did you think?)

True pirates swapping lobsters for rum, yo-ho!

Tommaso has gone ahead and already prepared the Cuba Libre. After all, we are in the Caribbean: here rum is more than just alcohol, it’s a religion! So much so that they have a saying: “Drinking rum in the morning does not make you an alcoholic, but a pirate”. Between punch, cuba libre, pina-colada, mojito, etc., we don’t run the risk of running out of ideas for cocktails.

The sound of an engine suddenly disturbs our music. The boat of a local fisherman is approaching us, they must have smelled the rum! They present us with a bouquet of freshly caught lobsters, very tempting.

“How much are three lobsters?”, asks Andrea.

“I see you have some bottles of Havana Club there…let’s make it two and close the deal!“, replies the fisherman.

Ahah, I don’t believe it! They really want rum! Can you believe it? We exchange our bottles for lobsters, like real pirates; welcome to the Caribbean, friends!

Andrea fires up the barbecue and prepares to grill the lobsters, the best way to cook them, so they keep their natural taste. Nothing needs to be added, just a little salt and a slice of lemon. An explosion of flavours in your mouth.

A caliente end of the day

After a nap on board, our skipper suggests a trip ashore to enjoy the sunset. On the beach, with a glass of pina-colada in hand, we look for the perfect spot for the show. The sky turns from blue to red in a matter of moments, a painting of yellow-orange contrasts that puts Claude Monet’s famous painting “Impression, rising sun” to shame.

After sunset, we return to the beach bar to continue our afterwork. The music is lively and the atmosphere is calm, and we dance with our feet in the still-warm sand, enjoying our evening. The Cubans offer us a local buffet for a handful of dollars. The menu includes the catch of the day, chicken marinated in coconut, ham with pineapple, rice with sautéed vegetables and house sauce. Full and very satisfied, it’s soon time to head home. Oh, sorry, I meant on our catamaran. In the end, it feels just like home on board.

And how better to end the day than by lying on the bow and gazing at the stars? It’s my favourite part of every sailing day. In the middle of the sea, without a single light around, the sky is brighter than ever. A black blanket dotted with stars that opens my eyes and my heart.

My eyes, however, are slowly closing…time to return to my cabin. Strangely enough, a day like this can be very tiring! No, of course I’m not complaining, on the contrary… after all, it’s a magnificent effort: you fall asleep with a feeling of pure well-being and happiness!