Fighting stress: the therapeutic virtues of sailing

September 28, 2021

Besoin de décompresser et de combattre votre stress cumulé durant l’année ?

Want a change from your usual vacation? Hotels, clubs or campgrounds don’t suit you anymore and you think that spending a week on a sailboat in the Caribbean would do you the world of good? You’re absolutely right and you’ve already done the hardest part of getting rid of that nasty stress that pollutes your daily life! The calm of a sailboat gliding peacefully on a turquoise sea is a blessing for anyone who wants to fight and conquer their stress!”


The sea does indeed have soothing properties. The sea air is particularly rich in iodine and oxygen, which allows a more complete opening of the lungs and, thus, better elimination of negative ions. It truly acts as an ally in order to combat stress. The view of the sea also has a relaxing effect. Listening to the sound of the waves immediately lowers your nervous tension and very quickly gives you a feeling of general well-being. It is for this very reason that the whispers of the waves are used to create audio CDs for relaxation and aromatherapy. The sensations one feels, lying on a boat and rocked by the ebb of the waves, are also very soothing.

Jetez-vous à l’eau pour combattre le stress

More than 50,000 cruisers already put their trust in Sailsquare and there are more and more of them every year to leave on a sailboat. A cruise on the sailboat of one of Sailsquare’s skippers is the guarantee to immediately get away from the daily stress and to spend exceptional vacations, thanks to companions who share the same values and have the same wishes as you! This cruise will be the opportunity to make sincere friendships with your fellow travelers, which only sailing can create. Whether you take a relaxing cruise in or a much more sporty and adventurous cruise around Iceland, whether you are alone or in couple, your stress will be only a distant and bad memory that will evaporate as soon as the first nautical miles are done.

Un esprit sportif et des activités physiques pour combattre le stress

Solidarity between sailors is not a myth, but a reality. In no other sport will you see a sportsman give up victory to help a competitor in distress. Sailing is a sport with innumerable values and virtues, it is up to you to discover and enjoy them! In addition, you will learn how to overcome your stress when faced with the vagaries of the elements and the unforeseen events of sailing at sea. But a sailboat cruise is also a sporty getaway that will help you relax: swimming at sea, hiking during land stops… Your body, as well as your mind, will benefit from the soothing benefits of a sailing boat cruise.

The idea of sailing in Corsica or in the Cyclades is enchanting to you, but unfortunately, you are a beginner and/or don’t know how to skipper a boat, or even how to go about organizing a cruise or renting a sailboat? Relax and entrust your wishes to Sailsquare and its team of passionate professionals. If you are looking for a way to cut yourself off from the daily grind, as well as the surrounding stress that your everyday life brings, don’t hesitate any longer and come and relax on one of our many sailboats, alongside fellow travelers who will make your vacation unique!