Sailing in the Dodecanese with Renato and Luciana: two hearts mad about sailing.

March 29, 2016

This adventure in the Dodecanese has been shaped by a genuine love story between Renato and Luciana. It all began in Capraia and now it still goes on in the Greek Islands, after a stop in Zanzibar. The blame is on the magic atmosphere of the sea and a sailing weekend among people who didn’t know each other, just like a Sailsquare experience. Sometimes love at first sight makes you change your life unexpectedly, and this is the case.


Renato and Luciana are quite the same: they love travels and adventures, good food, a pinch of foolishness, romance, and taking the plunge without thinking too much about the consequences. After a year together they decide to get married on a beach in their beloved Zanzibar, where the destiny will take them back after some years to live an incredible page of their story: become managers of a boutique hotel in the center of the city.

However, after a year they begin to miss the sea and the sense of freedom it gives, so they decide to come back to the place they belong and live their life sailing, founding the project “Profondo Mare” with their boat Queen II. Renato makes his hosts discover hidden treasures, the attentive and hilarious Luciana cuddles them with delicious recipes.


This couple is always seeking for mere beauty, rubbing their eyes standing in front of a sunset, craving for a delicious dish, never too tired for a morning dip or the magic of a silent place.

They don’t conceive what they do as a job, but an everlasting journey full of surprises and new people onboard. Discover their route and get on board with them to enjoy a luxurious holiday full of magic moments, caressed by the greek sea.