Sailing with a cat: Liz and Marianna two amazing stories

February 15, 2017

Sailing with a cat: Liz and Marianna two amazing stories

Sailing with a cat through the Pacific and around the world together with your “best friend” could be truly amazing! Two women, two cats and their stories combine the passion for the sea and the love for animals. It sounds like a great adventure! But according to the research of Eva Maria Geigl, an evolutionary geneticist, we should not forget that cats have been sailing on boats for centuries with ancient mariners and during Viking expeditions. Furthermore this animal is considered by British and Irish sailors a symbol of good luck as well as a support against rodents!

Captain Liz, sailing around the world with her cat Amelia

The first story is coming from overseas: Liz Clark, American 34 years old has resigned from her bartending job in San Diego in 2006 to travel the world on a sailboat. But the story does not end here: in 2013 she welcomed on board a six months old cat, Amelia, who became her traveling companion. The cat has fully adapted to live in the sea … and to be a protagonist of the Social media. Liz Clark in fact, a short time after the adoption of the little cat, has become super popular and many sponsors have made available a sailing boat in exchange for a documentation of her adventures. Liz, sailing with the cat, has traveled along the western coast of Mexico, Central America and around the South Pacific: over 18,000 miles traveled in the company of the little Amelia.

Marianna De Micheli on-board with her cat

The second story is about an Italian actress Marianna De Micheli: she became famous with the name “Carol Grimaldi”, a regular and multifaceted character of the Italian soap opera CentoVetrine.
After the final shutdown of the soap, the actress decided to change her life and become a yachtswoman. She embarked on a small sailboat, navigating alone around the Italian coasts, with an only companion: her cat Jingjok. Her book, published in May, is entitled “Centoboline”, a game of words born from the mix of Centovetrine and bolina (bowline), a point of sailing. The book is the ship’s log of Marianna De Micheli: from the Ligurian sea to Trieste, from the Giraglia Rolex Cup to the Barcolana regatta, with the complete circumnavigation of Sicily and Italy peninsula.

A fun and unique journey, with adventures, encounters and unexpected events that have become an opportunity to discover herself and tell her experience about sailing with a cat, without rhetoric and always with humor, through the many vicissitudes that have marked the life of this young actress.
The beloved Thailand and the incredible experience of the tsunami, the adventurous trips, the exhausting auditions, the entry in the popular soap opera and the notoriety. But above all the sea, the sun, the wind, the landing, the shore leaving, always welcomed and greater with delight and sometimes in amazement in the beautiful small or large harbors dotted around our country.
All this always with her beloved cat, and thanks to her sail boat purchased and baptized Maipenrai, which in Thai means “it does not matter”.

What the two women have in common? Definitely a special energy and a particular courage and then the desire to share such a special adventure with a discreet but affectionate presence: their cats, Amelia and Jingjok, who have not lost their time, becoming in record time web protagonists.