The recipe for adventure: Federica’s first time on a sailboat

September 7, 2015

Federica was born in a town situated between Mantua and Brescia, she talks with a charming emilian accent and lives in Milan; however, this story begins in Rome, mainly because of Sicily. Take all these regional ingredients, mix them with a generous dose of love for the sea, add some fresh daily friendships and there you go: the dish of the day is served.


Federica’s passions: cuisine and the sea

Picture yourself in a kitchen belonging to a students’ house in Rome: glasses of wine clinking, laughing hard, the urgent feeling to share and learn from other people coming from all parts of Italy.

Today, Federica decides to make her friends taste a typical dish of lombard cuisine: Polenta with melted cheese; but, luckily or not, the only cheese left in the fridge is Tumazzo, a fresh pecorino with pepper brought by a friend directly from Ragusa, Sicily. The creation of a new taste is behind the corner, together with Federica’s food blog, obviously called Polenta&Tumazzo: it talks about the genuine creativity behind a new recipe and the warm feeling of new encounters.


This episode defines a clear idea about Federica, a girl who lives at full new friendships and loves to do new things. Just like two years ago, when none of her friends could leave for a sailing holiday, so she made up her mind to go alone to finally experience the first time on a sailboat.

“ “Let’s get onboard first – I thought – then I’ll find company along the way” Federica

Nothing but love at first sight

The lighthearted sensation of freedom and the mere contact with nature lead Federica to flee from the City of Fashion to get onboard whenever she can. Thanks to Sailsquare, she keeps experimenting with such enthusiasm that she even defeated her constant sensation of cold, embarking for New Year’s holiday in French Riviera. Francesca set sail together with other six sailors who didn’t know her and pulled out her culinary creativity while preparing a boat-size dinner. Her “empty pantry” recipe must have been a success, as she kept organizing dinners after the end of the holiday.

Now Federica is already thinking about her next trip, keeping an eye on the next holidays to be published on the platform. Can you guess which could be her next holiday?