The best flotillas in Croatia: Sail in the world famous Croatian waters.

Flotillas holidays in Croatia: The charm of 1,000 islands, a playground for flotillas.

There’s only one way to explore the country of one thousand islands, and that is by sailboat. Here, flotillas can easily seclude themselves in a private cove, tucked away from the rest of the world. Of this one thousand islands, it is only around 50 that are inhabited all year round - and thus when cruising on a sailboat or catamaran, you and your crew can bask in the spectacularly naturally blissful landscapes, white sand beaches, and crystal clear waters.

Whether you are cruising around the Gulf of Kvarner, the archipelagos of Split or Dubrovnik, or the fjords of Dalmati, home to the iconic parks of Telascica and the Kornati - this is the home of flotilla. Each island has its own strong personality and a story that makes it unique: in Vis you can experience dolphins cruising alongside you. Pag, Cres, Hvar, and the Kornati Islands are all with their unique charm and traditions - however, what they all share is a coastline famous for its striking beauty.

Flotilla cruises: dive headfirst into Croatian culture.

In Aleppo, as you drift close to the local harbour, and take your first steps on land, the aroma of oak and pine begin to be whisked around in the air. Each destination, having its own unique charecter and memories.

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