Feel like sailing this Easter? Find your type of Easter trip on Sailsquare.

We have adventures in the best sailing destinations including: Greece, Croatia, the Caribbean.

Thinking about taking an adventure this Easter? We have both shorter weekend trips and two week voyages, that are suitable for solo travellers, couples and families.

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In order to refine your search for sailing experiences specifically to those designed for the Easter period - on our 'Search' page, enter the dates you're looking for, and select by location. Don't have specific dates of travel, try our 'Concierge' feature, available at the bottom of each 'Search'!

Far from home or not, your Easter must be surrounded by wind and sea.

If you have enough time to take a walk on the exotic side, don’t hesitate to get onboard to discover tropical paradise like the Caribbean or the Seychells: cristal clear sea, new friends and...lovely turtles, symbol of this beautiful archipelago.

If you have always been inspired by Mediterranean charm, the best destination in spring is Egadi Islands. If your body is already craving for summer climate, Greece is waiting for you to discover its beauties.

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