Flotilla sailing holidays with Sailsquare - have new adventures, with new friends.

Flotilla specialists, delivering flotilla experiences in the best sailing destinations, including Greece and Croatia.

In terms of social sailing, flotilla holidays are the pinnacle. Flotillas are sailing holidays where a group of sailboats and/or catamarans embark on a adventure together.

ABSOLUTE Flotillas, a special endeavour by Sailsquare, provides among the widest range of flotilla holidays available, allowing for group exploration of the best sailing seas such as the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and the Indian Ocean!

The fleets are differentiated by destination, activity, and age - this allows you to find a trip that suits both your curiosity and your budget. It doesn't matter if you are in your 20's or in your 50's, searching for fun or total relaxation - your trip with ABSOLUTE Flotillas will be as unique as your imagination.

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Dips in the sea from dawn until sunset, laughing together and… winds at your back!

Games, pranks and laughs go by undisturbed every day. Sun is up and the temperature is impossibile to bear? Why not jumping in the water with the mast chair and start a water bomb attack to the other crews? It started out as a prank… but it rapidly becomes a real battle! Who starts first?

Besides, the old sea dogs will be thrilled to introduce newbies to the world of sailing, and maybe throw a challenge to the other crews to start a regatta

Sailing together means also drop the anchor together, to admire the beauty of the myriads of bays the sea hosts.