Sailing holidays the fun addicts!

Onboard cocktails and offshore parties with your new sailing friends!

Looking for a new way to have fun and make friends? Whether you're travelling solo, or in a group, with Sailsquare you can find sailing experiences around the world that have been designed with you in mind!

Fun, music, and parties under a starry night - Feel the power of the wind and the warmth of the sun!

Ready for your sailing adventure? Fair winds!

Need some help finding your next adventure holiday? Give us a call, or a message - it would be our privilege to help you with your search!

Some plunges and baths.. And what about the night? Chats and laughs until the break of dawn

Warm up with some drinks and nibbles, continue with a dinner in the cockpit and finish with music, dancing and fun.

Remember: a sailboat is frequently the place where you can meet the one...or live a lot of adventures!

If you happen to stop in the harbors nearby, you can discover all together the real spirit of each village and their nightlife and clubs!
Streets full of people, bars and restaurants are waiting for you to show you the guest star of your holiday: a breathtaking sunset.