Find peace and tranquillity with a sailing holiday on Sailsquare.

Sailing holidays specifically designed for relaxation - in the best sailing destinations around the world.

On the deck of a sailboat, with the wind in your hair, fresh sea air filling your lungs, and the gentle whistle of your boat gliding across the water - may well be one of life's most relaxing environments.

At Sailsquare we are especially passionate about the countless benefits of taking time away from the hustle and bustle, and recharging ones internal batteries - and the best way to do that is with the help of Mother Nature. Sound about right? We've got you covered.

In order to refine your search for sailing experiences specifically to those designed for nature and wildlife enthusiasts - select the 'Relax' tab in the 'Holiday Style' box.

Sailboat motto: a new day, a new discover.

Sailing won’t take too much time and will be fun, allowing you to visit a new place everyday maintaining anyway our promise: total relaxation.

To have the whole picture , stretch your legs by going ashore to visit quaint villages, nibble something traditional and let yourself be inspired by little shops: coming back home will include more unforgettable moments than regrets.

A lovely dinner in a seaview restaurant or dining onboard under a sky full of stars?

Any ideas for the evening? Choose a romantic restaurant ashore or discover how romantic can be cooking together on a sailboat.
If we can give you a tip, let the men cook for you, maybe some delicious daily fish they bravely fished for you!

What’s next? Chatting with some good wine, gazing at a sky you won’t easily forget...