Spring weekend on a sailing boat: discover unexpected treasures.

Warm temperatures, happy people keeping company and for the bravest…the first dip of the season!

Sailing, get sun-kissed, drop the anchor to discover something new and taste food you may have heard of. Have you ever thought of a weekend like this?

It is certainly the best way to enrich your getaway in another country if you want to try something new, meet new friends and have memories of a place not only from the land, but also from the sea.

Your spring sweet escape is waiting,
think of all the benefits you will get.

Just a few steps and your sailing holiday is arranged; you just need to choose a location that inspires you, get onboard willing to meet new friends that may become your sail mates of a lifetime, prepare a soft bag with basics and most of all: take a breath and smile.

French Riviera, Liguria, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast,, Pontine Islands, Sicily, Sardinia, Slovenia: spectacular lands, why not discovering them on a boat?