Barcolana 53rd edition

Barcolana 53rd edition

A weekend to discover the world's largest regatta, the Barcolana 53rd edition, and the beautiful city that hosts it, Trieste! Sailing, maritime culture and great fun are the ingredients of an an exciting experience.


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Why is the Barcolana an event you should attend at least once in your life?

Barcolana - Sailing together with over 2,000 boats!

Sailing together with more than 2,000 boats!

The Barcolana has become a "must" for sailors from all over Europe and curious people of all races. It is the regatta with the most entries in the world, with over 2000 boats. And everyone is there, sailing champions alongside VIPs, politicians, Sunday racers, family and friends' crews competing with all kinds of boats. That's the beauty of it, because it's not about placing, it's about being there and having fun.

Barcolana - Party and fun by day and by night

Sports, fun and...discovering Trieste!

One of the most beautiful cities in Italy is Trieste: the Barcolana will also allow you to discover a unique place. Why not organise an aperitif with a spritz, a nice fish dinner in one of the typical restaurants in the heart of Trieste and a visit to the famous Piazza dell'Unità during your free time from the regatta and from sailing in the gulf?

Barcolana - A unique and compelling emotion

A unique and gripping emotion

Sailing side by side with noble boats, some of which are famous throughout the world, and unravelling among some two thousand boats, is a excitement that leaves its mark. Whether you've been through this experience before or you're experiencing it for the first time, there are no words to describe how it feels!

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6 good reasons to take part in the Barcolana

  • No sailing experience is required, just a desire to enjoy exciting moments in good company
  • Experience the adrenalin rush of seeing two thousand boats on the starting line waiting for the cannon shot to start the race.
  • Enjoy the spectacle of the Gulf of Trieste and let yourself be bewitched by the quantity of hulls, sails and colours that will completely fill it.
  • Forget about who crosses the finish line first because here it's all about teamwork and being a winner.
  • During the preparations, don't miss prosecchini, spritz, slices of salami and prosciutto in crust and typical Trieste dishes such as gnocchi de pan, granzevole alla triestina, canocie in busara.
  • Walk along the quays of Porto Lido to admire the beauty of the boats: from vintage sailboats to America's Cup boats.

How would you like to participate in the Barcolana?

Would you like to experience the excitement of an important regatta, even if you are not a professional sailor? Participating in the Barcolana is easy with Sailsquare, because you can find skippers who are passionate about regattas and sail with them in the playful spirit that distinguishes this competition. Experience the Barcolana live, not from a live stream but with your own eyes!
The skipper will take care of the registration and technical aspects, you just have to have fun and give your best during the race.
Whether it's for a day sailing trip or a weekend sailing between Veneto and Friuli, the Barcolana is a unique occasion that takes place every year on the second Sunday of October!

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