Flotillas Holidays: the best 50 experiences to choose from.

Flotillas Holidays: the beauty of sailing with many new friends.

A flotilla holiday means multiplying fun and relationship! Lots of new friends, sea and fun for an experience on a sailing boat squared, cubed...or why not elevated to the tenth?

Yes, because the flotillas are holidays consisting of a minimum of 2 to over 10 boats that sail together. On your boat, you’ll share the space with new friends and with the other fleet boats you’ll experience unique moments, aperitifs, parties with 20 to 100 participants.

This is the meaning of the flotilla cruises, a real floating "tribe", a small itinerant fleet in search of wonderful places, where to live unforgettable experiences and meet many new friends.
Led by a flotilla leader, you spend most of the day with the other crews and in a few days you will feel that you have close deep friendships that seem to last for months, in some cases for years. Ready to share an unforgettable experience?

Baths from morning to night, laughter (many) and ... more boats to share unique moments!

So what does it mean to spend a trip sailing in the flotilla? It means to move every day in a new place, to discover the most beautiful corners, between breathtaking bays and crystal clear waters, experiencing an extraordinary adventure.

If you don’t lack curiosity, and you would like to be a sailor, you can try the thrill of maneuvering the rudder and adjusting the sails to discover the rudiments of the sailboat.

In the evening all together moor in a roadstead to toast and dine or you stop in the harbor in search of clubs, music, entertainment, maybe all night long.

Often a guitar appears that accompanies the song of "unsuspecting vocalist" or trigger cooking competitions that bring on one or the other boat members of a hungry and inflexible jury.

In these moments, the groups are mixed, friendships and flirts are born, accomplices the lights that illuminate the wells, some glass of wine and then of course ... music!

Are you looking for a trip on a sailing boat?
There are flotillas for all tastes.

From the flotillas in Greece to the discovery of the Ionian and Cyclades islands to the flotillas in Croatia between the major islands and the Kornati islands, from the flotillas to the Balearics to the flotillas in the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean, there are many destinations to choose from.

Do you want to go away in winter and spring? The Caribbean and the Seychelles Islands will be the perfect destinations for your trip.

Where to go in the summer? Absolutely in the Mediterranean! Greece, Croatia, Sardinia, Aeolian Islands, Ibiza and Formentera will make your summer unique.

Meet new friends and travel with people who share your spirit.

Group trips on a sailing boat are also differentiated by the type of activity and age of the participants so you can find the best solution for your needs and budget.

It's easy to decide what kind of holiday you want to do: are you looking for a weekend in the flotilla or are you looking for a long holiday? Do you want to sail off the beaten track? Or do you want to have fun all day, going from a party on the deck to a disco?

Whatever your desires, Sailsquare flotillas are as unique as you and your desires.
See you on board!