Discover the ABSOLUTE Fun flotillas to live your wildest summer at sea!

Get on board and fun will start running through your veins

Give a twist to your summer with our ABSOLUTE Fun flotilla, meet new friends and discover the best entertaining spots joining a fleet of 15 boats. You will be a citizen of a real floating village that will mix boat raft parties, beach parties and evenings ashore.

On the ABSOLUTE Fun flotillas you will meet more than 140 people and together with them you will experience a total blast, made of dips into the most beautiful bays and neverending nights.

All the cruise details have been defined by our local staff, who tested yachts, routes, anchorages, restaurants, clubs and services to make your holiday truly unique. This is a holiday dedicated to people between the age of 30 and 45, planning a vacation full of fun and keen on being in good company.

At the moment there are no available holidays meeting this target.