Join the Elements Race

A challenge where water and earth lead to pure adrenaline.

The new Adventure Challenge found its natural setting in the Maddalena archipelago and nearby Gallura Mountains in the spectacular northern coast of Sardinia.

For the first time in the history of the sports, and for 4 consecutive days, sailing and off-road rallying will become one and the adrenalin-hungry competitors will race daily stages starting and finishing at the Elements Race base in Porto

The 4 multi-skilled members of each participating team will race shoulder to shoulder during the first 2 sailing days before being split in couples in order to fill the two-seater off-road vehicles of the land stages.

Join the Race and live 2 days of sailing regatta and 2 days off-road.

The 4-day program will begin with a full day sailing practice to give participants the chance to familiarise with their boat. Day 2 will feature the sailing regatta around the Island of Spargi and will be the absolute first point-awarding stint of Day 3 is a major turnover with helmets and Roadbooks replacing sailing gear for the 2-day off-road challenges in the dirt trails close to Arzachena and Luogosanto.

During all racing stages (sea and land) ranking points will be at stake. The overall winning team will be awarded with 4 Orienteering timepieces from Terra Cielo Mare, Sponsor and Official Time Keeper of 2016 Elements Race Sardinia.

Team entries will be accepted until the 15th of September 2016.

knowledge and
team spirit.

Elements race will offer a new multi-disciplinary sports scenario, somehow similar to real life adventure. To win the Race athletic performance is not enough. It must be combined with physical resistance, knowledge of the natural elements, sense of orientation and especially team spirit.

Just like in real life, the best victories are not those achieved single-handed and with a single move. The participants have to get ready for a hard and intense challenge, and Elements Race will take care of the rest.

At the moment there are no available holidays meeting this target.