Wishing for a sailing holiday with your family? Time to make your dream come true.

You’re never too young or too old to enjoy sailing.

A sailing holiday has always meant adventure and exploration: try to name one child who isn’t attracted by these two. It may be more difficult for adults, but we know plenty out there ready to remember how fun it is living like children do. C’mon, it’s time to book your holiday!

For the little ones - already starting from the age of 3 - being on a sailboat will be like a life lesson. Eaten up with curiosity, they will carefully do the duties they had been given, which will be seen as stimulating and rewarding. Duties do not exclude fun: it takes a binocular, some imagination… and there you are, fighting with pirates helped by your children.

For young boys and girls there will be the possibility to approach the helm: the thrill of the first time is unforgettable.

Little sailors swim, learn to navigate and pretend to be pirates.

The sea stimulates imagination: more imagination, more stories for the little tribe. Moreover, nothing is powerful like he idea of being surrounded by the infinity of the sea, and then suddenly, seeing the land in the distance.
Going down to the cabin, then, will be for your children like having a hiding place: anything in a sailboat is new for them, take advantage of their curiosity and make up fantasy stories for them! On your way back to work, you will recall happily with your colleagues the wonderful moments spent with your family.

What are the days spent onboard going to be like? Dips, dips and more dips, hidden treasures, desert bays… day by day, it will be easy to get acquainted to life onboard and in the sea.

If the crew includes other families... then the success of the experience is 100% guaranteed!

What about grown ups? You will enjoy the company of your children and your friends!

Some days to relax, a carefree environment and friends willing to share unique moments: perfect premises to gain back the energy used in the last months. Aren’t you desperately in need for relaxation?!

Navigation is made of short and quiet routes, in order to meet the needs of the littlest, giving you enough time to enjoy a book, take dips in the sea, get suntanned while taking a nap.

When going ashore, you can either make a beautiful sandcastle on the beach or search for evocative views inside little citadels.

Afraid of not enough safety? Just some precaution and you’ll leave your worries behind.

Keep calm and stay relaxed. Especially because there will be children onboard, the holiday will start only with favourable weather conditions, in order to relish your holiday without too much stress.
Scared of sea sickness? Some crackers will be helpful in a blink of an eye.

Navigation will be safer with little preparation, such as having life vests and a safety net on the boat. Moreover, it can be useful to remind the children their dos and don’ts during navigation and stops in the bays.

Finally, planning carefully the routes, checking the weather forecasts daily and possibly booking spots in the marinas you’d like to visit , will allow everybody to have fun without extra worries.