Sailing holidays for fun addicted!

Leave on your own new friends are waiting for you onboard!

You need a holiday and all your friends are busy with their exams or working commitments. Don’t worry, the time has come to join a sailing holiday! Sailsquare gives you the opportunity to meet sea addicted people like you, ready to have a great time!

Relaxation and fun will be the passwords to get onboard.. Feel on your skin the power of the wind and the sun and get wild on parties onboard and ashore!

Are you convinced now? Fair winds, then!

Discover the magic of sailing and feel the vibe.

Make yourself comfortable and… be yourself.
On a sailboat, any moment is perfect for a long talk, endless laughs or a challenging navigation.

The old sea dogs will be thrilled to teach sailing basics to newbies, who won’t be able to stay away from the helm. Besides, it will be your chance to visit crystal-clear bays, dip in them and take a nap undisturbed.

Have you ever had party on a sailboat? Repairing in a desert bay will let you party hard all night!

What about the night?
Chats and laughs until the break of dawn

Warm up with some drinks and nibbles, continue with a dinner in the cockpit and finish with music, dancing and fun.

Remember: a sailboat is frequently the place where you can meet the one...or live a lot of adventures!

If you happen to stop in the harbours nearby, you can discover all together the real spirit of each village!
Streets full of people, bars and restaurants are waiting for you to show you the guest star of your holiday: a breathtaking sunset.