Discover true nature on a sailboat with Sailsquare.

Find peace and wonder from natural beauty and wildlife? So do we! View the top nature holiday destinations here.

Find peace and wonder in the great outdoors? Love to discover natural wonders and observe wildlife? Well, you're in the right place.

At Sailsquare we are especially passionate about the countless benefits of taking time away from the hustle and bustle, and recharging ones internal batteries - and the best way to do that is with the help of Mother Nature. From hybrid sailing-hiking adventures, to epic expeditions of Greenland - we've got you covered.

In order to refine your search for sailing experiences specifically to those designed for nature and wildlife enthusiasts - select the 'Nature' tab in the 'Holiday Style' box.

an unexpected point of view that will make you love the sea even more.

A holiday focused on nature is suitable for any age: children, young boys and girls, grown-ups and even for old sea dogs! ;-)
They are all people like you that feel the urge to escape from everyday life and approach the sea in the most fascinating way.
How stimulating must be moving thanks to wind energy and relish the view of the coast...from the sea?

Holiday rhythms will be slow and relaxing , and the only common target will be finding a secluded bay or a hidden cove to admire.

Breathtaking landscapes, little fishermen villages and places unreachable by land: you won’t believe your eyes, for sure.

What about navigation? Slow and relaxing or dynamic and adventurous…the choice is yours.

Choose the rhythm that best represents you: slow and relaxing is the right one if you want to follow the calm of nature, dynamic and adventurous for sailors longing for intense navigation towards remote destinations.


The core of this holiday is clear: sailing as long as the wind blows and finding shelter in bays rather than in a harbours.

Wait for something more: snorkeling, hiking, underwater fishing and ...

whether onboard or ashore, a holiday in contact with nature will make you explore wild and peculiar corners.

Your thirst for adventure and sport is merciless? Snorkelling will introduce you to astonishing sea depths, underwater fishing will be perfect for tasting delicious fish, hiking will lead you to breathtaking vistas.
Talking about cliffs… the bravest mustn’t give up a free solo climbing.

Just one tip for you: don’t forget your GoPro, nature loves to be courted.